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August teasers – Gomora

31 July 2020
Nobody threatens Mam’Sonto’s family and livelihood and lives to tell the tale. What Mohato did was clearly start a war and Thathi is not taking this lying down! If you think Mohato’s takeover was dramatic, wait till you see what’s in store in this month’s teasers.
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Episode 71 – Monday 3 August 2020

Thathi decides that it’s time to use brains and strategy to wipe Mohato out of Alex. Buhle promises Teddy that with her help, he can win the debate.


Episode 72 – Tuesday 4 August 2020

Thathi, having learned about Sonto’s past ties to Mohato, works on a plan to dethrone him. Mohato continues to take over Sonto’s business, one car at a time.


Episode 73 – Wednesday 5 August 2020

Mazet brings on the heat, igniting Thathi’s fire. Thathi tells Sonto she has a plan she is implementing against Mohato. Teddy can’t take the debating heat, and he runs away.


Episode 74 – Thursday 6 August 2020

Thathi tries a different approach in the war against Mohato. Ntokozo will do anything in defence of Teddy’s honor and Zodwa will not allow Teddy to give up.


Episode 75 – Friday 7 August 2020

Thathi pulls off a masterstroke in the war against Mohato. Ntokozo and Buhle’s belief in Teddy pays off in spectacular fashion.


Episode 76 – Monday 10 August 2020

Buhle makes a bold move to try and get Ntokozo’s attention. Mohato has an unpleasant surprise for Thathi while Melusi announces the new debate topic and opponents.


Episode 77 - Tuesday 11 August 2020

Teddy takes the bull by the horns with his love life but is in for some disappointment. Thathi devises a plan of getting rid of a thorn in her side.


Episode 78 – Wednesday 12 August 2020

Sonto is livid to discover an endangering secret that Thathi has been keeping from her. Melusi and Gladys are at logger heads over domestic issues which could sabotage the entire school debate competition.


Episode 79 – Thursday 13 August 2020

Gladys is torn between her husband and her brother. Langa crashes hard in front of everyone while Thathi finds her seat on the throne.


Episode 80 – Friday 14 August 2020

Ntokozo loses the debate to Teddy, but wins the girl. Thathi manages to strategically push Mohato out from the business.


Episode 81 – Monday 17 August 2020

Buhle asks Ntokozo whether he loves her or not. Mohato finds himself smothered by the Dlaminis’ rules.


Episode 82 – Tuesday 18 August 2020

Mohato played by Thathi, plots revenge to sabotage the operation, even if it means killing. Teddy’s plan to reunite Langa and Ntokozo backfires.


Episode 83 – Wednesday 19 August 2020

The heat brews between Langa and Buhle, while Mohato and Gladys have a screaming match. Buhle starts falling crazy in love with Ntokozo. Teddy’s heart almost stops when Langa tells him Buhle’s intimate plans with Ntokozo.


Episode 84 – Thursday 20 August 2020

Teddy learns that sometimes staying loyal comes at a hefty price. Langa doesn't know how dangerous his new best friend is and Mazet wants revenge. 


Episode 85 – Friday 21 August 2020

Thathi surprises Mohato by turning up unannounced for dinner. Ntokozo and Buhle are in love, things are about to get heated, when Gladys comes home. Teddy gets into an absolute knot trying to save Ntokozo and Buhle from their parents.


Episode 86 – Monday 24 August 2020

Pretty confronts Sonto about a big change to her will. Buhle and Ntokozo make a big decision about their relationship.


Episode 87 – Tuesday 25 August 2020

A new revelation from Sonto leads Pretty to a breaking point. Ntokozo’s relationship with Buhle starts to cause more problems than he anticipated.


Episode 88 – Wednesday 26 August 2020

A family feud leads to an unexpected life threatening outcome, while some relationships are tested when painful truths are revealed.


Episode 89 – Thursday 27 August 2020

The Dlamini house is divided over young love. Sbonga innocently plants a dangerous seed in Pretty’s head.


Episode 90 – Friday 28 August 2020

Gladys drags her husband to go witness Ntokozo break up with Buhle, in front of her family.


Episode 91 – Monday 31 August 2020

Not feeling like her needs are being honored, Gladys has a tough conversation with Melusi. Teddy finds out about Ntokozo and Buhle’s big lie. Sonto serves Pretty the cold, hard truth!


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