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The women can dish it – Forever Maybe

25 November 2022
It was a very sad day for the men.
Forever Maybe anelisa

It was the episode that left many of you on the floor and it was valid. The mess of it all started when the couples took part in the Never Have I Ever game that was meant to encourage all of them to be honest and reveal any secrets they’ve been living with, and it went downhill from there. 😩


It was indeed recent

When Anelisa confessed to have cheated on Skhumbuzo it was rather comical to him because he thought he knew about it and didn’t take it as seriously as everyone did, little did he know that a bigger bomb was going to be dropped. While on their therapy session with Lindelani, Anelisa came clean and revealed that it was a very recent incident that was still ongoing and his jaw was found on the floor.

For someone that we’ve come to know as a cheater in the past and who made his wife wonder oh he’ll ever be happy with just one woman, Skhumbuzo was shattered at the thought of Anelisa being with another man and the only place he would go that made sense to him, was to believe she did it out of revenge. 😭


On the other hand, it was comical to the audience;


They can’t handle just one instance

It was just the other week when Thabo couldn’t stop laughing at the cheating jokes that Felix was serving because he could relate but this time, he couldn’t breathe. Unfortunately their therapy session set them back a few steps when they sat down and started talking about the past.

When Joy expressed how unhappy she was about Thabo bringing gifts from his girlfriends to the house, that got him fired up and bringing up Joy’s cheating past which led to him not being able to take the conversation and opting to rather leave. Even after admitting and not changing his story, Thabo was very upset about this and couldn’t bear the thought of being cheated on.


The journey has been rough but it’s not over yet. The work keeps piling up because of everything that comes out but it only helps and shows that the process is working.


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