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Salamina and Howza drop some wisdom

13 December 2022
They were simply the perfect surprise guests
Salamina and Howza

The couples got to meet and talk with one of South Africa’s talented and loved couple, Salamina and Howza Mosese during their penultimate episode on #ForeverMaybe.


They came for one thing and that was to drop some wisdom based on their experience after being together for a long time. They touched on all the issues that the couples have been going through;


Letting home be your safe space

It’s rough when a couple comes across problems in their marriage but it gets worse when outside factors and what people have to say take the lead. Salamina shared some of the hard times that her and Howza went through when he wasn’t working consistently and didn’t have as much as she did but she made it a priority to make their home a safe space. This hit Queen and Tshepo the most as it’s something that they went through.


The audience’s reaction further confirmed how amazing they were;


Everyone must be advised

Skhumbuzo brought up one of the issues that the husbands have mentioned before, the fact that the women are the only ones that get advised when they get married and never the men. Salamina and Howza couldn’t agree more, pointing out that times have changed and every generation has to do things differently to get amazing results and let happiness reign.


Love brought them together

Simply put, the amazing lovebirds made sure that they leave the couples with a reminder that love is what brought them together and they should build from there, no matter what.


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