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Never have they ever – Forever Maybe

07 November 2022
It’s been a chaotic time to say the least!
Lerato Forever Maybe

Mother Lerato Kganyago lands every single Sunday and puts her energy into the space where anxiety resides in the couples house and announces all the tasks that they need to take part in while in this journey of healing.

It hasn’t been easy


Never have I ever, or have I?

It was a very tricky episode when the couples were informed that a game of Never Have I Ever awaited them in the garden. If you think that game would have a fun outcome you are a very positive person 😅, because the aim was for the truth to come out and that it did.


Queen drops a bomb

There were endless moments of "yohs!" this episode but Queen was the first one with the biggest shocker when the most dreaded question was asked, "Never have I ever cheated on my partner?" and it all went downhill from there. Her husband Tshepo was beyond shocked because he had his suspicions in the past but for them to be confirmed in front of everyone was not ideal.

The audience was just as shocked;


Anelisa followed suit! 

As if Queen's confession wasn't enough, Anelisa also admitted to have been with someone outside of her marriage with Skhumbuzo but the laughter that was on the other side (coming from the husband 😩) wasn't anything that anyone expected. Anelisa mentioned that Skhumbuzo knew about it but the gag is, it is very much recent while he believes it's something that happened a long time ago, healing needs to take place.


It's messy all around but it's not over yet, the couples are still working through their issues. 😩

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