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Where to go for laughs - DStvMVCA

01 June 2022
Keen for a good chuckle to catch a much-needed break from all the blues in the world right now? With this year's DStvMVCA's Favourite Comedian category in the spotlight, here's your plug for some joy.
Stand up comedian on stage

This year's Favourite Comedian category contains some of the country's most loved comics. Although Celeste Ntuli, Mashabela, Mpho Popps, Nina Hastie and Skhumba Hlophe are all lauded for their distinct comic styles, we can all agree that they all bring something that has never mattered so much - a good laugh! Each of them has taken their craft beyond the stand-up comedy stage, making splashes on TV, radio, social media, and beyond. As you vote for your fave to get the flowers they deserve, we've decided to direct you to the right places for your right to LOL. 

Tik Tok 

Vine culture has enabled us to keep the dopamine lit up with back-to-back doses of never-ending fun. The downside to this is you might spend so much time watching funny videos by your favourite Tik Tokers that you might end up needing reminders to put the phone down! On the upside, the platform is a mine for content that is infinitely funny. Whether it's sketches, mini-vlogs, discussions or funny moments captured in real life by real people, the unscripted social short-format supplies of comic brilliance make everything much better. 

Comedy TV Shows 

At times, life can be stranger than fiction. Certainly, there's enough drama going around to make even the most dramatic series pale in comparison. When it comes to comedy shows, however, you can never beat a great script with a brilliant cast to deliver those lines with epic comic timing. When you head over to Showmax, you can binge on some of the funniest comedies in this golden age TV! There's enough to keep you in stitches from the floor staff at a supermarket on Superstore, the cops on Brooklyn Nine Nine. There's also enough humour on local telenovelas like Gomora to take you all the way out. 


One thing about Twitter, they have the perfect meme on standby for every scenario! When the social media platform gets dramatic, things can go over the top really quickly. But, if you are lucky enough, you might just stumble on a thread that leaves you in tears (good ones!). The platform also has many funny content creators with their own styles and niches, meaning there's always material ready to entertain you. 


Some of the biggest comedians in the country cultivated their audience through the airwaves. This has been true since the heyday of radio as the single most popular, and most accessible, medium in South Africa. The likes of Tumi Morake, Felix Hlophe and many others, rose to prominence by delivering their punchlines on radio programmes. What's more, some radio presenters have enough wit and humour to keep you laughing at the most random stories and scenarios to make radio an undefeatable source of free-flowing comedy, 

Stand-up Comedy Shows 

This goes without saying! Nothing beats a night out at a comedy show, where you can watch your favourite comedian's entire set. The comedians nominated for the Favourite Comedian award at this year's DStvMVCAs are pro's at headlining shows that sell tickets like cupcakes. And now, they get to be celebrated for their contributions to the culture. 

Remember to vote for your favourite nominees in the category of Favourite Comedian here.