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Nox is on the warpath – DiepCity

01 February 2023
She finds her father’s gun and confronts Mgedeza.
DiepCity S2 Nox

Episode 218

Maureen wakes up from heavy drunkenness. Bonga opens up to Ringo about his fears.


Episode 219

Thandiwe is remembered fondly, but not without a little drama. Maureen can’t get away from Mgedeza’s clutches. 


Episode 220

Thandiwe is laid to rest and Nox discovers who killed her. Lerato launches her business.


Episode 221

Nox is on the warpath. Bonga is not responding well to someone’s passing.  Lerato’s hustle is pumping.


Episode 222

Bonga asks Mgedeza to help find the killer. Charleston gets a pay-out from Asanda’s policy. Lerato’s business catches the interest of a stranger.


Episode 223

Nox tells Bonga that Mgedeza is the killer. Lerato has to deal with a difficult customer.


Episode 224

Lerato wants to give up. Sne receives endless compliments and Bonga holds Mgedeza at gunpoint.


Episode 225

Lerato finds a suspicious package in her delivery. Lungile slaps Nox.


Episode 226

Nox is distraught. Lerato decides to keep Busta’s money and Khelina leaves town.


Episode 227

Nox finds herself all alone.  Lerato sinks deeper and deeper into Busta’s machinations. 


Episode 228

Nox seriously contemplates suicide. Her friends inadvertently come to her rescue. 


Episode 229

Nox finds Bonga’s gun. Lerato tells Busta that she wants nothing to do with him.


Episode 230

Nox double checks her father’s gun history before confronting Mgedeza. Lerato is threatened into doing business with Busta.


Episode 231

Mgedeza wants the girls to do one final job and refuses to let Nox join. Ringo enjoys the attention he is getting from the women from church.


Episode 232

Magdalene shoots her shot. Lerato becomes a mule.


Episode 233

Nox apologises to Sne Mgedeza promises that this is his last heist.


Episode 234

The chickens are coming home to roost for Lerato.  Ringo enjoys the spotlight a little too much.


Episode 235

The heist is successful, Nox plots.  Ringo is done pastoring.


Episode 236

Mgedeza apologizes to Nox and Lerato. He tells them that he’s getting out of the life of crime. Sne turns down Charleston offer of moving to the UK with him.


Episode 237

Nox makes peace with her father. Mgedeza buys Maureen a house and promises her a good life.


Episode 238

Mgedeza is in mortal danger.  The scales fall off Charleston’s eyes and he tries to end  it all. Themba makes business moves.


Episode 239

Eve gets tricked and taken away to a psych hospital. Ringo finds out that Khelina is coming back home and she’s pregnant. Mgedeza slaughters a goat but it does not cry, signalling bad luck for him. 


Episode 240

Carnage visits Sloot.