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The DiepCity Love-shedding Schedule

03 November 2021
Umjolo is both a pandemic and a crisis in DiepCity. What level are you experiencing?
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Level 1: Didn’t they tell you that I am a savage? / I am single

Just like Khelina, you are the top dog. You keep your options open, and everybody is crushing on you because you have got it going on. Whether you chose to be single, or you are shooting a well-aimed shot at crush and you are confident you will seize the bae, or you are toying with hearts, umjolo definitely does not have you in a chokehold, in actual fact, you are about to body slam it.

Level 2: Happily married

Happy wife, happy life? These are words to live by for you. Whether you are the happy wife /partner or the husband/partner making sure your family is kept together and happy. You continuously take a page out of Mgedeza and Bonga’s books when it comes to love.


Level 3: Happily dating

Is there anything more beautiful than new love? You’ve just updated your relationship status and been in a wonderful relationship for some time and life is good, the perfect balance of excitement and stability with a sprinkle of romance just like Nox and Herbet.

Level 4: Critical but stable

The load on the relationship is bringing it to its knees and a few things need to be turned off or locked down. This is not a relationship in its end but rather one that needs some ICU and TLC as it faces challenges of changing seasons like Asanda and Pastor Charleston or moving to the next level like Mary and Themba.


Level 5: Breathing through the wound

Cima cima cima!!! The relationship is overloaded with red flags, troubles, disagreements, gaslighting and a whole host of other things. However, you are holding hoping for change or maybe a new pair of shoes like Ringo? We can’t tell you what to do with the Khelina in your life but it may be time for a long chat if you are on level 5 and they are on level 1.

To keep updated on the relationship ups and downs of DiepCity, make sure to tune in every Monday to Friday at 20:30 and root for your favourite relationships using #DiepCity.