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Deliver us from Eve – DiepCity

04 January 2022
The church mouse has turned into a snake and is coming for everything Asanda has.
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Who would have thought that when Pastor Charles invited the quiet shy girl with the angelic voice to join the church choir, he was actually inviting someone who would turn his marriage upside down?

Eve’s charm on the church members and Pastor Charles cannot be denied; she has turned the church members against Asanda, and it seems Charles cannot stop talking about her and her work, even to his wife, Asanda. No one can deny the amazing work she has done in the church: Church membership has increased and Pastor Charles now earns a salary for his missionary work from a church overseas.

What is of greatest concern to Asanda is that Eve now knows how the Wrong Turns killed Fistos and she is ready to sing like a canary if she does not get what she wants – which is everything Asanda has – from her husband to her church and even her role at the workshop it would now seem.

However, what can Asanda do when everyone is wrapped under Eve’s spell and she is all alone in this fight against her? Asanda is also held back by the guilt she feels about getting arrested for gambling with Mgedeza. The church and her husband are judging her as if they are without sin.

Right now it looks like Eve has the upper-hand and by Pastor Charles’ own admission, she has brought the “passion” back in his life. So what can Asanda still bring to her marriage, church and workshop?

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