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Four is not crowd for Test and Rainbow — S’jola Sonke

21 June 2023
Mbali fessed up to her relationship with Kefentse.
Mbali S'jola Sonke

On Sunday night's episode of S'jola Sonke, Mbali sat down with Test and Rainbow for the essential check-in on how things are going between the three of them. Now that a mass 'eviction' of couples is edging closer to your screens on the popular dating show, everyone ought to be clear. For Mbali, it's her budding romance with Kefentse, a.k.a BK.

Their romance has come as a surprise for two reasons; Kefentse has spent the entire stay in the playhouse. The reason for that is down to the fact that none of the couples have been electing him to join them in the main villa. Neither have they been ready to send him packing, however, which has kept him in some sort of limbo. 

Not all is lost for the not-so-single hopeful, who is now smiling from ear to ear by Mbali's side. 

The second reason their bond has caught many off-guard is that Mbali has been working on her relationship with Test and Rainbow. The three of them have remained solid and steady. After giving Lungile the boot, it has appeared that Test and Rainbow have found someone they really want to take forward in the house. 

Does that mean the throuple could expand and add Kefentse in the mix? Not on Rainbow's watch, it won't. Although the couple, who've been together for eight years, is not phased by Mbali and Kefentse's relationship, they did not sign up to have Kefentse be part of the love tribe. As such, they intend to continue their operations with Mbali, without having to date Kefentse as well. 

There's a looming exodus in the villa. The couples were instructed to dress as their "best selves", while the singles were given the order to pack up their suitcases and get ready to say goodbye. 

By the end of the episode, the couples had come together to discuss the way forward. Who will be going home?

Mbali's honesty might work in her favour with Test and Rainbow. The Pretoria natives have long placed transparency above many things in their quest for a third partner. 

That said, there's always an off-chance that her relationship with Kefentse could rule her out of a long term pursuit. How will this work? 

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