The Ultimate Pineapple Hack – Celeb Feasts

12 March 2019
Who knew you could do this to a pineapple!

Sweet, delicious and notoriously difficult to peel! Pineapples are one of the food world's most delectable fruits yet they are infamous for being pricky and rather challenging to get to their delightful yellow core! That was all true until now.

As the internet would have it, the world wide web decided to drop some pearls of wisdom and unleash the ultimate hack for the island fruit! In a clip that has now going insanely viral, an individuals is seen casually picking segments off a pineapple like you would corn or a juicy orange. The 'new' discovery of eating the fruit is a farcry from the usual process of peeling then cutting up the pineapple and that's why perhaps it has blown away peoples minds in spectacular fashion.

Of course the revelation has seen thousands of people giving the hack a go themselves to test out the theory, although not every one has been as fortunate. Apparently the ripeness of the pineapple is also a crucial part of the nifty shortcut.

Ultimately though it seems we've unlocked the next level of evolution and it's glorious! Next up: solving the pineapple on pizza debate!

Happy feasting!

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