Keep it in the family – Celeb Feasts

13 February 2019
The Cassim brothers are pushing boundaries with their DJ duo, Cinamin!

Good looking, witty and multi talented are just a handful of words we’d happily use to describe DJ and foodie, Kyle Cassim!

The radio personality graced Zola’s kitchen with his presence on the sixth episode of the Celeb Feasts and it was nothing short of amazing having him on the show. With his brother in tow, Zola and the viewers got an up close and personal look into the life and history of the young man who is blazing a trail through South Africa’s entertainment scene.

Perhaps though the biggest take away from he and his brother Austin’s appearance was the importance and power of family. The siblings shared how when Kyle first decided to dropout of university where he was studying law, it was actually his brother and sister who covered for him with his parents as he established his DJ career. And now as his venture into music expands it that same brother who is right by his side as a member of the DJ duo, Cinamin.

As their stars continue to rise the pair is now looking across our borders to take their music to the world. And something tells us it won't be long before we hear them on more stations and see them on more channels.

Watch out for the Cassim brothers!

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