How Zola makes it look easy - Celeb Feasts

16 January 2019
Who says great food is hard to make?

If there's one thing you know you're guaranteed of when you tune into Celeb Feasts with Zola, it's that there will be an abundance of laughs and plenty of love to go round.

Since the shows premiere Zola has already hosted two of Mzansi's finest entertainers, Trevor Gumbi and Nobuhle Mahlasela, with both enjoying nothing but great company and delightful meals. But beyond the hearty laughter and infectious jokes, there's something even more devine on Celeb Feasts and that's the different dishes! Working hand in hand with her guests, Zola has been preparing some absolutely scrumptious meals for them to all dig in to. The beauty of it all though is just how easy she makes it look and fortunately it's just as simple for you too!

So after paying close attention to the culinary maestro, here are a few tips we've noted that make exquisite dining a lot easier than ever before:

Keep It Simple

While we've all seen the culinary greats summon flames into the air to perfectly sear their stakes and finely chop vegetables at the speed of light, the key to cooking Zola's dishes is keeping it simple. With a handful of ingredients and some undemanding techniques, it only took a short while to whip up the scrumptious Caramal popcorn cheesecake that was shared amongst the ladies.

Basics Can Be Boss!

Boerewors will forever be in South Africa's food hall of fame. The tasty sausage is a staple at family gatherings and braais with the boys but did you know you can elevate it too? For a filling main course, Zola took the SA staple to new heights as she turned it into a casserole to absolutely die for. The easy conversation showed just how versatile some of our everyday ingredients can be so don't be afraid to push the boundaries a little and experiment!

Have fun with it!

Sometimes the thought of making a whole new recipe can be daunting. Questions of how much of a certain ingredient is enough, how long to keep something in the oven or how much heat is too much heat are inevitable but the most important less to remember is to take it easy and have fun with it! Food is just so much better when it's prepared with a smile and an easy going approach. If all else fails, at least you'll have a hilarious story for Instagram! I mean, who hasn't burn rice once or twice?

Hopefully though whatever you chose to prepare turns into a succulent supper for the whole family to enjoy.

Till then happy cooking!

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