Five fab Nederburg wines! - Celeb Feasts

02 April 2019
We take a look at our favourite wines from season 1 of Celeb Feasts.

If there's one thing Chef Zola always had on hand to welcome her guests, it was a good 'ol glass of wine! And much to their delight they were incredibly spoilt for choice. From the full bodied reds to wooded whites, nothing was in short supply in the Celeb Feasts kitchen. But just incase you missed any of her fine selections we've dug into the archives and pulled our personal favourites from the line up that will pair perfectly with your next hearty meal! 

Here are five fabulous wines from the first season of Celeb Feasts.

The Young Airhawk

This refreshing sauvignon blanc pairs beautifully with rich fishes like salmon and tuna or can be the perfect addition to your pasta dishes.

Premiere Cuvee Sparkling Brut

Looking for a fruity and dry bubbly? Look no further! The Cuvee sparkling brut is not only crispy, it pairs well with a variety of dishes including meaty main courses and sweet desserts.

The Anchorman

A careful balance of earthy tones and fruity notes makes this wine that's crafted with chenin blanc grapes the ideal accompaniment with mild cheeses and spicy dishes.

The Winemaster's Merlot

You can never go wrong with a beautiful full bodied red! Smooth to the taste, the Merlot works wonders when accompanying beef, lamb and veal dishes.

Baronne Red

Easy going. Affordable. And with a nice long finish, the Baronne is a wonderful wine for those laid back evenings with your favourite beef or poultry dishes.

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