Breaking bread with Boity - Celeb Feasts

23 January 2019
The apple clearly didn't fall far from the tree for Modiehi Thulo, Boity gorgeous mother!

After hanging with best friends and work buddies it only made sense that Zola's next set of guests were a thrilling mother and daughter duo! And of course who better to grace us with their presence than Modiehi and Boity Thulo!

On this week's epsiode of Celeb Feasts with Zola, our fave chef had island flavour on her mind as she made a main dish of Hawaiian poke. But we all know she never rolls solo which is why her guest for the night had to be multi-talented entertainer, Boity along with the stunning mother, Modiehi. The three lovely ladies got on like a house on fire and shared in loads of laughs over a succulent chicken skewers prepared by Zola as their starter.

With her mom around, it wasn't long before we were treated to some little known facts about Boity including the fact that her mom actually didn't want her to be a part of the entertainment industry. Instead 'Mama Mo' would have prefered for her daughter to get a more humble office rather than take on the perilous entertainment industry even though she had seen something special in her daughter from a young age. Thankfully though she allowed Boity to take a leap of faith and the result was a career that continues to soar!

The knowledge and wisdom didn't stop there though as the ladies broke down the keys to a successful mother daughter relationship over their delectable meal. Perhaps the most precious of advice once again coming from the matriarch of the Thulo household who highlighted the importance of instilling positivity and confidence in your child early own so they're not swayed by the outside world.

It was ultimately a beautiful day spent for everyone with endless food, hearty laughter and limitless love flowing around. Plus Boity even promised to come through once more and whip up her famous chicken feet stew! Now there's something to look foward to!

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