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Strikes and punishments of the S'ya Mosha season – BBMzansi

01 April 2024
The times Biggie showed the housemates who's boss in the house.
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There's an old saying that "Rules are meant to be broken", which has oftentimes been taken way out of context. Well, in the S'ya Mosha house Biggie had to wield the big stick to put housemates back in their place when they were caught slipping.

Check out some of these moments:

Liema's strike for threatening violence

During her stay, Liema had two strikes under her belt before her exit from the house. Liema was issued her first strike for spitting on Els and Jareed, threatening violence, and using offensive language. She was found guilty of infringing the house rule on violence.

Liema's first strike

Liema's strike for offensive behaviour

Liema's second strike happened after a little showdown with Yolanda, where she was penalised for intentionally approaching in a form of provocation and participating in an argument with her to the point of calling her a cow several times, which is an infringement on the house rules on offensive behaviour.

Makhekhe's double strike

In the first week of the season, Makhekhe earned a double strike for being complicit in a conversation with Bravo B that involved mocking other men in the house for treating women with respect, and by extension, using derogatory language, Big Brother feels that you have violated some of the House rules.

Mpumi gets a strike

Mpumi infringes rule on technical recording

Mpumi got her share of Biggie's displeasure when she was clocked for obstructing Biggie's camera with her towel. She got a strike for that action, and luckily for her, that remained her only strike for the entire season.

Yolanda's drink debacle

Yolanda incurred Biggie's wrath for throwing a drink at Liema as well as using offensive language and bullying. For these actions, Yolanda was found guilty of infringing the house rule on violence and provocation in the form of goading. 

Liema's ribbon punishment

As punishment for her altercation with Jareed and Els, Liema got a punishment from Biggie that involved coiling a couple of ribbons around an inner spoof.

Some of Biggie's punishments this season came about because housemates could not follow a simple rule Biggie gave the housemates around the 'Freeze' command. As the name suggests, housemates were supposed to freeze when Biggie gave the order, but at various times, housemates disobeyed Biggie's order and faced the consequences.

Failure to freeze

The first time the punishment was given, Lerato Modise, Makhekhe, McJunior, PapaGhost, and Yolanda were the ones who failed to freeze when the command was given. The failure to freeze happened during the week of fear when a snake was brought into the house to test the housemates' bravery. This resulted in Biggie giving them a punishment that involved the separation of grains into different containers.

Yolanda went on to receive another punishment for failing to freeze when her mother came to visit. Biggie surprised the housemates with their family members, but in true Biggie style, the housemates were told to freeze and could not move, speak to, or touch them. Yolanda's inability to freeze when her mother visited led to her receiving another punishment from Biggie. This time, she had to be quiet for the whole day and would only use a board and pen to communicate.

Unruly housemates

As a group, the house had to endure Biggie's wrath because they had neglected to follow the house rules, such as wearing their microphones, engaging in production talk, wasting time before going into the diary room, and more. They had to mow the grass and scrub the whole garden area's patio paving stones as part of their punishment. Biggie mentioned a few of these offences, including.

The S'ya Mosha season was about disruption, meaning Biggie was down for whatever as long as it was within the boundaries he set for the house to interact. Interactions within the boundaries Biggie set were especially important because they allowed for a safe and respectful environment for all housemates to coexist peacefully.

With Biggie bringing 23 people who had no interactions in the past, it was very important to set clear rules and boundaries that had consequences if crossed. This helped maintain peace and cohesion in the house.

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