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Live Show 1 – 21 Jan: Disruptors, eye of immunity, hhayi sekumoshakele!

21 January 2024
Before we could even swallow the celebration bubbly, Lawrence was in with the first twists.

Three things stood out as shockers in this evening's live launch show:

1. Say hello to the Disruptors

Three housemates are in the house purely for ukumosha. They are here to entertain and cause chaos! One thing Lawrence was certain about is that, "uBiggie wethu chose well!". We can only hope that they are all good at undercover missions because it looks like Biggie will have lots of those for them. The Disruptors will compete for everything housemates compete for during their short stay in the house such as, Head of House and the wager. However, they cannot be voted for and they will be Big Brother's agents in the house to disrupt.

Here are the Disruptors:

The feisty Fahima

The naughty Neo

The trendy Taki

2. The immunity search

Housemates will be given an opportunity to search for the Big Brother Eye of Immunity and what that basically means is that, if you get it, you gain immunity from possible eviction on Sunday.

3. Nominations from the jump

At 20:00 on Monday 22 January, real nominations are taking place and at least one housemate will be leaving the Big Brother Mzansi house on Sunday. This also means that the voting lines will be opening at 21:00.

Basically sekumoshakele and we can only wait and see how the housemates will weave their way through the first week. Who will be the first S'ya Mosha housemate to be evicted?

Big Brother Mzansi season 4 S’ya Mosha is live 24/7 on DStv channel 198. Don't miss the nominations show on Monday from 20:00 - 21:00. Join the conversation online using the hashtag #BBMzansi and connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok! Stay connected to DStv to watch every minute.