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Day 9: 'Forgive the evil thing that spoke' Lerato tells Yolanda – BBMzansi

30 January 2024
Friendships and connections made up the bulk of the morning conversations in the S'ya Mosha house.
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PapaGhost, Yolanda, Liema, and Jareed are all about maintaining real connections in the house, and today they shared with other housemates the importance of the connections they have made.

It appears that making the appropriate connections and forming friendships were the main topics of discussion this morning in Biggie's house. A few of the housemates talked about how these relationships have aided their personal development and have helped them overcome the difficulties of living in the house.

PapaGhost in a chat with Young Pappi, spoke about the genuine connection between himself and Lerato Modise. He spoke about how he would want their connection to remain until the end of the season and also mentioned that he and Lerato Modise were already having conversations about how life may be outside the house.

While her man gushed about her in the garden, Lerato Modise also took the chance to straighten things up with Yolanda, whom she had had issues with earlier. The two sat in the lounge, speaking about what led to Lerato Modise's initial issues with Yolanda. "Forgive the evil thing that spoke," Lerato Modise told Yolanda as she apologised for her attitude towards her in the first few days of the season. They both decided to make an effort to get to know each other better and work on their relationship moving forward. Lerato Modise expressed her willingness to put the past behind them and build a stronger bond with Yolanda.

The friendship talks in the house continued as Jareed was also spotted in the washing area having a chat with Yolanda about how solid his relationship with Liema was. He expressed this after Yolanda complained about failing to connect with McJunior, whom she found to be secretive and closed off about his personal life.

At this point in the game, it seems the S'ya Mosha housemates are moving beyond being in ships to focusing on building relationships with their fellow housemates. This shift in focus is evident in their willingness to have open and honest conversations, like Lerato Modise's discussion with Yolanda about their relationship.

PapaGhost speaks about Lerato Modise

Is forming strong bonds within the house a growing trend, or is it simply a strategy to ensure their survival in the house? It will be interesting to see how these relationships evolve as the season progresses.

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