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Day 8: McWoes for McJunior – BBMzansi

29 January 2024
McJunior has a habit of opening up to the wrong ones. 
A pensive McJunior sits in the rain in the garden wearing a black hoodie

Monday blues struck McJunior, and he has been in his feelings all day. Let's set the scene: 

Clouds have coloured Biggie's sky a dark grey and drawn the light out of the day. It is windy, gloomy, and wet. A pensive McJunior sits in the garden, alone and woe-stricken. Heavy rain consumes all that the eyes can meet. There is not a single dry spot outside. The rain a literal reflection of McJunior's emotional state. He stares in the distance, living out his own version of a protagonist in a romantic drama from the early 2000s. Only this time, there is no director who will yell cut and put an end to the rain. Consumed with worry, sitting in limbo became overwhelming that he was driven to tidying up cushions and throws, and no amount of rain was going to deter him. 

The cause of his troubles? A fall out with a woman he had set his eyes on, but it seems he may have fallen for the wrong one by choosing to fall for Disruptor Fahima. If Biggie's intentions with the Disruptors are anything to go by, this was destined to end in tears. 

McJunior found a confidant in Disruptor Taki when told him about his short-lived situation with Disruptor Fahima. He expressed a grievance hin her alleged complacency in the disrespect he experiences in the house at the hands of Willy and YoungPappi. He (McJunior) cannot fathom how they can be in agreement about liking each other and doing something about it, all while she allows other gents to touch her in his presence. For him, she is playing the game and he is not available to be one of her moving parts. In his words: "My biggest regret is opening up to her. I wish I hadn't." McJunior has a clear habit of opening up to the wrong ones because his confidant is Disruptor Fahima's partner in crime by Biggie's assignment. 

What sent his day into deeper gloom was when PapaGhost left his clothes out in the rain with no regard for him after they had ironed out their differences earlier in the day. McJunior's battle for Disruptor Fahima has fast translated into a mutual beef with Willy and YoungPappi and carried through into the diary room when the housemates made their eviction nominations. 

With Fahima's new mission being to "sow seeds of doubt in different relationships", as Biggie instructed her to, her m.o. is all up to her. A dagger may strike right through his heart should she choose to shake things up in the romantic ships by flirting her way to their disruption. 

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