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Day 8: A Gen Z cultural twist – BBMzansi

29 January 2024
It's a week of creativity, culture and possibly drama as the housemates fight their way to food.

The second-week wager brief is in for the housemates and it's gonna be an exciting week as housemates design a minimum of 10 pieces of cultural designs. Luckily for them, they live in one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world, so their options are not limited. One requirement of the task is to "add a modern, fashionable and trendy flair" to the designs. The housemates will showcase their designs during their presentation and explain what inspired each piece. 

They are also tasked with choreographing and performing a cultural dance with a modern twist as well. Designers, models and dancers will shine on this one. 

After their first part of their wager brief that introduced them to the theme and required their stake, the housemates took less than five minutes to vote on an 80% stake towards the wager task. Last week's loss left some of them feeling doubtful about their capabilities. Willy even added that they could not win on an "about me" task. What is more a cultural one? For him and Mich, 100% was too risky. "It's our culture," exclaimed Makhekhe encouraging a 100% stake, but he was part of the minority. 

Watch last week's wager loss: 

The housemates went to work immediately, clarifying the brief, coming up with ideas and assigning groups and responsibilities. Things went south when Liema wanted to model for the Khoi San group and not Xhosa. She was quickly told that models don't have a say, and that upset her. Liema walked away and Mich acted quickly and added Mpumi as Liema's modeling replacement. Was this fuel to the fire already burning beneath the surface between Liema, Mpumi and Jareed

Watch today's preparations get personal:

Big Brother called it the traditional extravaganza he can't wait to witness. The housemates have already started preparing towards the wager while eating plain rice with spice. There seems to be a lot at stake this week, and their food supply hangs in the balance. 

Do you think they will unite and put this win in the bag and food in their bellies? 

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