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Day 70: Lights, camera, fashion – BBMzansi

31 March 2024
This season's live show stage featured many iconic looks. This is our selection of the top ones. 
Men's modern Zulu clothes

First impressions last, and how you first show up when you meet people matters. Fashion is a great outlet for self-expression. Your style and choice of fashion can be a window to your personality. You can tell a lot about someone from the clothes they choose to put on their back. Drip or drag, hit or miss, the expression remains valid. 

How we feel and the climate of our lives plays an integral part in how we dress. For the 23 housemates who made their way through Biggie's doors, their first appearance on stage was our introduction to who they are. It mattered that they were meticulous in selecting the garments they draped themselves in. The launch drip is not the only time one needs to put thought behind what one wears. The Live Eviction shows meant that anyone could be sent home, so it mattered how you showed up to close a monumental chapter in your life. 

This season's live show stage featured iconic looks. This is our selection of the top ones. 

Lace is so ...

In 2024 a lace garment may seem dated, but in the case of Lerato Modise and PapaGhost (LeGhost), it is a signifier of their matured taste. Best known as the parents of the house, LeGhost may have walked in and out of the house individually, but they endured the journey together. The strangers turned lovers played into the destiny Cupid laid out for them when they both came into the house looking like a freshly married couple who came from their beach wedding. This, of course, is because Lerato Modise introduced herself as the bride of the season as she stood beside Lawrence in a wedding dress. PapaGhost soon followed with his head-to-toe white lace suit paired with a satin scarf around his neck. Fashion has a way of making a comeback and the return of lace can be attributed to their overindulgence. 

Lerato Modise and PapaGhost

The monochromatic suit

The man's suit has been a snooze fest in recent years, with the world of fashion yearning for innovation from the gents. In came the monochrome suit look. It is a bold way for the classic man to show up and leave on-lookers gagging and talking for days to come. The simplicity behind the style choice gives the outfit a timeless and edgy touch. This is the perfect choice for any man who wants to leave a lasting impression. If you want to elevate your look, then you best look into colour, especially in the summer season. That is exactly what Mich and Willy did when we first met them in January. Showing up in monochrome mustard and blue suits, Mich and Willy took the man's suit to the next level, redefining formal wear for the gents. The pops of colour cemented their looks as iconic. 



Make tradition great again

The "Wakanda forever" aesthetic took South African traditional regalia to new heights. Gone are the days of modest clothes that had us all looking like mundane members of the House of Commons, and in are the times when we all feel like African royalty. Elaborate beadwork and intricate designs have added a unique touch to African style and have now become markers of high-end fashion. Such iconic looks made their way to Big Brother's stage when Els graced us with her presence at the season's launch. With a face beat to the gawds, and Xhosa dots to add, Els was draped in a colourful and elaborate beaded neck-to-shoulder piece that made her look like an African goddess straight out of a mystical tale. 


Ntate Stunna represented the BaSotho people when he lit up the stage during his performance on a Live Eviction show. He and his dancers reimagined the Sotho blanket, seanamarena, into co-ord pieces for the modern era. 

See Ntate Stunna's look here:

The host with the most, Lawrence Maleka, closes off this list with his unique take on traditional Zulu attire. Call him inkabi because one thing Maleka will do is kill it on stage. Arguably the biggest host in the land, our fave had a unique and modern twist on Zulu traditional gear when he rocked a Live Eviction show in a classic leopard print vest and fur bomber jacket, making him look like the television royalty that he is. 

Lawrence Maleka

Tonight, we shut the season down with promising performances and the realisation of a dream. But we also do this with the expectation of the best glam we have seen this season. 

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