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Day 7: Eviction diaries – BBMzansi

28 January 2024
For the first time in Big Brother Mzansi history, a housemate will be evicted in the first week of the show. 
A bald Mpumi sitting in the diary room wearing a fatigue dress

For the first time in Big Brother Mzansi history, a housemate will be evicted in the first week of the show. The housemates walked into the house last Sunday with the intention of leaving an indelible mark in the house, living up their best version of S'ya Mosha. The week saw them having to nominate complete strangers for possible eviction after only spending a day in the house. 

After a week that resulted in personality clashes, and relationships with blurred lines, there were a lot of surprising moments that made the week memorable for the housemates and they to share them with Biggie in their reflection of the week. 

When asked how they would descrtibe their week in Biggie's house, the housemates had nothing but positive things to highlight for Big Brother, a clear indication that they are vibing with each other more than they are clashing. 

Pale described the week as colourful and "nothing short of amazing", which was a theme that carried through for many housemates including Jareed, Liema, Mpumi, Sinaye, and Young Pappi. 

Others could not go without mentioning the relationship dynamics that they have either witnessed or been a part of. Many described meeting new people and co-existing with them in the house to be a pleasure that taught them to connect, communicate, and in some instances self restraint. For Yolanda, however, the people skills, or lack thereof, may seem to be a trait she may have a deliberate use of. She told Biggie that she learnt to annoy and offend people, something that the housemates have an awareness of. 

Lessons were learnt, and housemates have embarked on a journey to personal development since their entry into the house. Makhekhe, who is undergoing the most notable character development since receiving his double strike, has said that he aims to dedicate himself to being a better man, spreading a message of respect for women and their bodies beyond the house. 

Biggie took time to touch base with his Disruptors and asked them how they feel about their level of disruption throughout the week. The consensus being they have done well for their first week, noting that they can do more to up the ante. We'll be here for it when they take their game to the next level. 

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