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Day 69: The emotional last supper! – BBMzansi

30 March 2024
On this last day, Big Brother looked at the finalists and said: "One of you will be the winner".
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Before the finalists made their entry into the house, they penned letters to themselves reflecting on their life journeys and detailing their aspirations. These affirmations are words they each lived by, and words that kept them anchored when the game got tough. Tonight, Big Brother invited the finalists to a fine dining experience. The finalists were treated to drinks and a three course meal. All they had to do in return was to dress to impress, and prepare parting words to their fellow finalists and the man who made it all happen for them, Big Brother.

This is how the last supper went: 

Makhekhe's first and last words

Makhekhe's message to self is "Congratulations Makhekhe on making it to Big Brother Mzansi. You are a star son keep on making your family proud". These are the words Makhekhe penned before his entry into the house. Ten weeks later, Makhekhe opened up the evening's proceedings with his speech. "Each and everyone of you played a big role to me", said Makhekhe when he commenced his farewell speech. He expressed his appreciation for each of them, and made sure to leave them with words of motivation. 

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McJunior's first and last words

McJunior's letter to self: "Stay true to your whacky, sometimes weird character. Get rich or die trying. If I die, I died doing what I wanted to do".

"Advice, guidance, and mostly the opportunity," are the things that McJunior thanked Big Brother for after opening up with a joke that he never had the courage to share in the diary room. His words to Biggie were short and sweet because he is not a man of many words. He went on to congratulate the Top 6 for making it this far, and left them with motivation even in the event that they do not win the grand prize tomorrow. 

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Mpumi's first and last words

Mpumi's first word to self is: "Dear Mpumi, know that you are worth each and every single thing that your heart desires. Believe in yourself and what you're capable of. Always trust your instincts and never settle for the bare minimum".

During the last supper, Mpumi reflected on the duration of her stay in Biggie's house, taking time to process that she is in fact a finalists and will be in the house to the very last day. She attributes her growth to the journey she walked in the house. She gave tribute to Biggie for seeing the star within her.

"You can't say anything to shake me," Mpumi said, speaking to the resilience she has because of her time in the game. She spoke love and positivity to her fellow housemates, a perfect conclusion to the journey. 

"A dream it was, and it still is," said Mpumi when she thanked Big Brother for choosing her to be a part of the chosen 23. This was a dream for her, she said, and to make it this far has been its realisation. 

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PapaGhost's first and last words

The season's self-proclaimed wordsmith wrote this: "Dear PapaGhost, you know what we do with once in a lifetime opportunities. Take it a day at a time. Wake up and say that it is mine. Godspeed my friend".

PapaGhost told Biggie that although this was a game, he never felt himself playing, and expressed his gratitude to Big Brother for the lessons throughout the 69 days. He wrote "It is not the size of the seed that determines the size of the tree. It is not the size of the tree that determines that size of the fruit". These were his last words to McJunior, a man he claims he still does not know much about. He encouraged the rest of the top 6 to face life head-on. 

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Sinaye's first and last words

Sinaye penned these words to himself: "Dear Sinaye, I am super proud of you for getting this far in the competition. There were so many obstacles and battles that you faced prior to this moment, but God was with you and you are here. This is your moment, live in it, enjoy it, and most importantly, celebrate it. Keep on going and keep on breaking barriers. Don't stop until you tick all the boxes. I hope you find strength and courage to get through adversity. I am always and forever proud of you. It's God's time".

"I came into this house a rough diamond," says Sinaye, and thanked Big Brother for being that older brother, his wise words and affirmations. He went on to share a word to each of the finalists. He took time to reflect on his relationship with PapaGhost and all the ups and downs they have endured. He appreciated him for his talent and spoke life into his career. He sent a shoutout to McJunior and Mpumi for their dedication and hard work. Zee taught him that not everything needs a reaction, and he learnt to be a caring person through her. He closed off by showing appreciation to Makhekhe for having endured the most both out and inside the house. 

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Zee's first and last words

Zee's message to herself: "Always remember to put your best foot forward. Don't forget you're in the house and always remember that you can achieve anything you put your mind into. Never lose your voice, confidence and yourself".

Zee opened her address by sharing her parting words with Biggie, thanking him for providing her a platform to discover herself, and outgrow bad habits. Zee fought back tears as she thanked the group for the role they played in her journey collectively. "Each and everyone of you impacted my life in a positive manner," she said, stating that she will take their wisdom with her out of the house. 

Re-watch Zee's intro video:

As the Top 6 settle in their emotions and anticipate the winning moment tomorrow night, they walk out of this experience winners at life for choosing to shoot their shot at themselves and putting it all on the line.

Congratulations to this unique and talented bunch! 🎊

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