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Day 68: Aligning personal desires and relationship goals – BBMzansi

29 March 2024
The housemates discuss maintaining personal goals while also nurturing a relationship.
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This morning, PapaGhost and Sinaye had a bonding session while speaking about life outside the house, and about PapaGhost's career goals. Meanwhile, Makhekhe addressed Mpumi and Sinaye about the importance of not forgetting oneself in a relationship.

The reality of life outside the house is becoming clearer to the Top 6. This has led them to make plans and discuss life after Big Brother Mzansi. PapaGhost and Sinaye spoke about meeting up after their experience for leisure purposes and possible work collaborations. PapaGhost revealed to Sinaye that he has dreams that often come true, and he has had a vision of being one of the biggest storytellers in the world, which he knows is going to happen.

PapaGhost tells Sinaye about his dreams

PapaGhost has received rave reviews from his fellow housemates in the past, like when he wrote the play for their wager presentation during the "Facing Your Fears" week.

Sinaye also had a discussion with Makhekhe about the importance of being selfish with desires and goals while in a relationship. "Put yourself first," Makhekhe said as he gave examples of people who leave their friends just because their partner says so or people who leave their dreams and goals behind just to satisfy a partner.

Makhekhe speaks about being selfish 

Mpumi and Sinaye agreed with him, as they believe it is important for the values of partners in a relationship to align so they can support each other in pursuing their desires and goals. They also discussed the importance of communication and compromise in maintaining a healthy balance between personal aspirations and the relationship.

Remember that one of the Top 6 will be crowned the winner of the S'ya Mosha season on Sunday. Don't forget to tune in to see if your fave wins.

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