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Day 69: The winner is… – BBMzansi

30 March 2024
Here are a couple of ways your fave might react if they are announced as winners on Sunday.
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Throughout the years, we have seen winners of BBMzansi react in different ways to their names being called the ultimate champions of the season. With the finale edging closer, we are now wondering how this year’s Mosha specialists would react if they were to win. Would the shock drop them to their knees, or would they scream with tears of joy? Let's look at a few ways your faves might tear up the stage on Sunday.

Kicking and screaming with excitement

One of the ways humans react to good news is by moving their bodies in excitement as they try to express how overwhelmed they are. This physical display of emotion can range from jumping up and down, running around in circles, to even collapsing in disbelief. Now imagine cakes Makheks in this position as he rolls on the floor, screaming, "Hence why I won." 😅

Tears of joy

Now some of us know that when that good news hits, you have nothing but tears of joy to shed as you reminisce on the journey that has led you to that sweet victory. It's a beautiful sight to witness someone overcome with happiness and gratitude. The emotional release of tears can be a powerful way to express the depth of one's feelings. We don't know why we see Mpumi or Zee being expressive this way if they win, but their calm demeanour gives off a vibe of people who might shed a few tears if they are announced as winners.

The calm and collected

Some individuals can maintain a certain composure when faced with overwhelming emotions, and it is truly admirable to see how they can handle their emotions with a certain level of calm and ease. Who do we see as being calm if announced as the winner? McJunior and PapaGhost fit this description. The two have been competitors in the game and have managed to stay level-headed throughout the season despite facing challenges.

The shocked and confused

This housemate might not know how to react to an announcement that surprises them and might be left looking like a deer caught in headlights.🤭 A few tears or laughter might come later, but the first few moments of confusion might make for good comic relief.🤣 Hmm… Could Sinaye be the housemate who fits into this category?👀

Whichever way they react, we are sure fans will be excited to see their faves eventually triumph so don't forget to vote for them today to crown them as the season's winner.

You can vote for your winner on the Mzansi Magic website and mobile site by selecting MakhekheMcJuniorMpumiPapaGhostSinaye, or Zee and entering your number of votes. Voting via these platforms is limited to 100 votes per user.  You can also download the MyDStv app from the iStore for Apple devices or Play Store for Android devices for additional votes. Votes  are free and allocated based on your subscription packages. The voting window closes by 21:00 on Thursday (CAT). Join the conversation online using the hashtag #BBMzansi and connect with us on FacebookXInstagram, and TikTok. Stay connected to DStv to watch every minute.