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Day 64: The final challenge – BBMzansi

25 March 2024
A fun evening comes to an end with an exciting surprise for Zee.
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The early evening in Biggie's house involved discussions about evicted housemates and life outside the house. It ended with Zee emerging as the last Head of House for the season.

The housemates had a fun conversation in the lounge this evening, reminiscing about their evicted colleagues and the attitude they displayed in the house. One of the housemates they spoke about was Jareed and his funny behaviour, which always brought laughter. Sinaye pointed out how he acted when he fought with Yolanda in the nightclub and then started dancing right after. A behaviour they all agreed was odd. They ended the conversation about Jareed saying he was disrespectful and that he would not have carried out the acts of that night had it been another housemate.

The housemates had a fun and lively time discussing tribalism, their experiences of police arrests, and some good old toe fetishes.👀 It was a blissful evening for Biggie's kids.

Zee triumphs as Head of House

The fun continued in the arena as the Top 6 participated in the final Head of House challenge. The challenge took place in four stages, with the first being a question and answer session tagged "Riddle". The second challenge was "Hoop Hop" and the third was called "Match the Coin". The final round saw PapaGhost vying for the crown alongside Zee.

For a minute, it looked like PapaGhost would get the crown again, but Zee took him down in a puzzle challenge, securing her position as the Head of House for the week. This victory marked another milestone in Zee's journey in the house. She chose Makhekhe as her companion in the Head of House room, and he was more than happy as he surveyed the room, expressing his satisfaction with Zee's choice. It is possible that Zee chose Makhekhe, as he was the only housemate among the Top 6 who had never had the opportunity to stay in the Head of House room.

Zee's HoH triumph

It's a calm week in Biggie's house, and we know that apart from the occasional calls from Biggie, Zee will have the best time enjoying her reign as Head of House with Makhekhe by her side.

undercooked braai.

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