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Day 65: Conspiracy theories and disruptor mentions – BBMzansi

26 March 2024
The Top 6 explore what could have led to nominations in the past.
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The housemates spent most of the evening reminiscing about their fellow housemates and the activities that made their stay in Biggie's house memorable. They laughed and shared stories, creating a strong bond. Overall, it was a night filled with nostalgia and gratitude for the experiences they had shared.

Sumo wrestle

McJunior and Mpumi have been diligently carrying out their dagger punishment, but it seems to be a burden for McJunior, who believes Mpumi is having just a little too much fun with it. 🤣 McJunior and Mpumi are to wrestle in sumo wrestler suits when Biggie sounds a gong for them to get started. "When is this sh*t gonna end?" McJunior asked after wrestling with Mpumi. As they struggled to maintain their balance in the oversized suits, laughter filled the room, lightening the mood.

Disruption and conspiracy

While chilling in the lounge, the housemates also spoke about past housemates. Chief among these discussions were the disruptors Fahima and Neo. Side note: They still don't know Taki was a disruptor and will probably not know until they come out. 🤭

Zee said that Neo was not nice to her and only got a hint of niceness when they were doing a group task. PapaGhost was also of the opinion that Neo had a cold demeanour, but Sinaye disagreed with both of them, saying he never had any bad experiences with her.

PapaGhost also spoke about Fahima and how she had a carefree attitude, especially on eviction Sundays, saying she hated doing her hair. Makhekhe pointed out that she was one of the few who was able to get into McJunior's closed space, pointing out that they had a connection from the day they both walked into the house.

PapaGhost and Sinaye also believed Lerato Modise could have been a disruptor because of the amount of pranks she pulled in the house. Lerato Modise herself confessed to pulling pranks on the housemates when BBTitans winner Khosi visited the house.

The Top 6 also touched on the issue of conspiracy and how they have all done the dirty to remain in the house or kick out someone else. PapaGhost said he knew the only reason why he was up almost every week was because there was a conspiracy against him.

Sinaye confirmed his belief that there was a time when Jareed had convinced some of his colleagues that PapaGhost had to leave the house because he was going to be trouble. PapaGhost smiled through the conversation, and it only showed that the Top 6 are in a state of peace and can discuss their suspicions openly without causing tension. Despite the accusations and theories, they seem to be handling the situation with maturity and understanding.

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