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Day 65: Braving the final week – BBMzansi

26 March 2024
The Top 6 share the toughest thing about being finalists.
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The S'ya Mosha finalists had their one-on-ones with Big Brother and they soaked up these final moments to take refuge in the voice in the sky. TheTop 6 shared their favourite foods, their emotional state, and reflected on the connections they have with their fellow finalists.

Biggie then asked them about their perspectives on navigating the final week of the game, and they each took the opportunity to be vulnerable about their anxieties.

Here's how the diary sessions went, in order of appearance: 


The difficulty that the people's dyan, Sinaye, is faced with is staying true to himself. The essesnce of his being is challenged on the road to the finish line. The build-up to the finale has also added a tremendous amount of pressure for him when he looks around him and looks at the remaining housemates. The fondness he holds for his loved ones has him missing his family, another factor that has added to his stressors this week. He and his fellow finalists are "burning the last oil" this week. He elaborated that they are feeling fatigued, but they have to charge forward for the final showdown. 


Thinking about Sunday (the finale) has brought up a lot of anxiety for Zee, whose mind has been racing with thoughts of whose name will be called as the season's winner. When asked how she is combating her anxious thoughts, HoH Zee said she attempts to think herselt out of the anxiety by rather living in the moment, and focusing on having fun. 


Navigating relationships with his fellow finalists is proving to be a challenge for Makhekhe. He mentioned that there had been social groups that formed in the house throughout the season, and those groups naturally dismantled when housemates filtered out of the house through evictions.

What remains are relationships that require extra work to survive the final week. He referenced a gap in his connection with Zee, saying they had not gotten to know each other, and now he is faced with the challenge of building a genuine relationship with his roommate, Zee. 


The week, dedicated to reflection has opened a wound for Mpumi. She has been subjected to welcoming thoughts of a happier time when she had confidants in the house. Mpumi told Biggie that she misses Pale, who was her safety net, and now, like Makhekhe, she is making do with coexisting with her fellow finalists. When it comes to connections, she feels herself battling to keep conversations going with the other top 6 members, and she is focused on getting through the day. 


Fatigue and loneliness are the two feelings that are making it tough for PapaGhost to survive the last stretch of the season, themes that sum up how all the finalists have been feeling. He told Biggie that the rush to be creative, and strategic throughout wager presentations and tasks in the past weeks is what has led to the joint exhaustion that the housemates feel. 

PapaGhost is also facing difficulty in dealing with the loss he has endured in the world he created in the house. He spoke about finding love, friendship, and having lost it too. He shared pieces of himself with his love, Lerato Modise, and had to deal with her departure after she was evicted, all while learning to live with friendships that have disintergrated.  


McJunior concluded the diary sessions by speaking on the pressure and mental battles that have confronted him in the final days of the game. He admitted that the pressure is self inflicted, but unavoidable as the days draw nearer to the season's end. He noted that his "fate is up in the air" and he is juggling two polar thoughts. The first being that the life he imagined could be attainable should his name be the final one called on stage, announcing him as a winner, or he could go back to the life he is trying to escape should that not be the case. 

Watch the housemates' diary session: 

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