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Day 62: Step up or gweng – BBMzansi

23 March 2024
Majita Saturdays are for chillas and groove.
a man in bed

What is there for gents to do on a Saturday if not phola and talk about amamedi and izaka? Makhekhe and Willy spent their early Saturday evening chilling upstairs while the garden was being showered by rain. The fellas got into guy talk and covered topics ranging from relationships to money savviness. 

S'ya Mosha compatability

Makhekhe looked back on the ladies that once inhabited Biggie's house to see which one of them was his type. If you take looks into account, his list is simple: all of them. Makhekhe listed Els, Fahima, Mali, Meelay, Mpumi, Sammy_M, and Zee. Pale also made the list, and Makhekhe told the tale of when she peaked his interest. After the speed dating task, Makhekhe realised a side to Pale that he liked and he wishes that they had had more time for him to explore a connection with her more. 

Watch the speed dating here: 

Makhekhe's list did not end there. He included Liema for her character. Although he listed the above ladies as his physical type, Liema is the one he would actually date because of her fiery nature. In his evaluations, Makhekhe believes that a girl who reacts when you ill treat her actually loves you hard, and that is a characteristic that Liema displayed during her stay in the house. As a hard lover himself, Makhekhe knows that he reciprocates and that is the only kind of relationship he wants. 

Willy, on the other hand, did not have his eye on a single babe in the house. His type has always been older, mature women, and 62 days in the house did nothing to change that. His kryptonite is mature looks and a matured personality. 

Fix your home

The broers went on to speak about splurging culture among their generation and how nonsensicle they find it. Willy expressed that he is money savvy, and applies logic and wisdom when he makes major purchases. If he ever came into a large sum of money, Willy is the kind that will fix his home first instead of living large in a metropolis 🏙️ and riding in the slickest whip 🚙. 

Money tends to run out if one is not smart with how they utilise it, and before you know it, you're a feature on I Blew It. For Willy, it is better to have a comfortable home to come home to instead of finishing your money on a flashy lifestyle trying to show off to people who will be quick to laugh at you should that fortune run out. Makhekhe holds the same sentiment, stating that "charity begins at home." 

Just don't think about cheating

Makhekhe opened up about the relationships he has screwed up in the past because of his cheating, many of which would have gone far, he claimed. Willy had some words of wisdom to share with him. Willy's top tip is to distract yourself from cheating when the thought pops up. The trick is to get in the car for a spontaneous drive, or even stay in for an impromptu movie night with your boo. Before you know it, the night is over and you saved yourself from adding to your body count and breaking a heart in the process. 

The majita chat was cut short when the HoH PapaGhost called the house to read the Saturday Night Party brief. Tonight's party is themed Influencer Fashion. The Top 7 were then given party outfits that recreate iconic looks from some of the most influential figures in pop culture.

Makhekhe - as Drake 

McJunior - as Daliwonga 

Mpumi - as Cardi B

PapaGhost - as ASAP Rocky

Sinaye - as AKA

Willy - as Focalistic 

Zee - as Uncle Waffles. 

Watch the party highlight here: 

Aint no party like a Ms Cosmo party and tonight she proved why. The top 7 turned up like there was no tomorrow, and such is the case for at least one of them. Whose farewell party was it? 

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