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Day 61: Our future influencers are here – BBMzansi

22 March 2024
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As the world of social media continues to evolve, influencers wield unprecedented power to shape trends, spark conversations, and influence customer behaviour. For 61 days, we have seen personalities and stories unfold in real time in Biggie's house, and the question arises: What would the top seven, with their diverse backgrounds, talents, and stories, bring to the world of social media influencing?

Makhekhe the motivator 

Makhekhe is effortlessly funny and carries a good head on his shoulders. He never shies away from sharing his humour and wisdom. We envision him starting a video series titled "Monday Motivation with Makhekhe", encouraging us that sometimes, "life might be a gwang but we must always remember that to go is to see." So that would be his niche and he would be successful at it, even featuring on other people's podcasts as a guest, and dabbling in radio. 

Watch Makhekhe dish advice: 

McJunior the influential influencer 

McJunior's natural charisma and magnetic presence would make him a standout in front of the camera, positioning him as a prominent television influencer. He has explained over and over again that the world of being in front of cameras is not really his, but he also cannot deny the amount of talent he possesses. Not only has he discovered that he can present, but he can also act, dance, and write. But one of his best traits in the house is throwing it down in the kitchen. He has displayed a passion for cooking and because he does it so effortlessly, could do well in that niche as well. Male chefs online are on the rise! 

Watch McJunior's talent discovery: 

Mpumi the entertainment enthusiast

Mpumi has raised the 012 flag very high by ensuring she shows up for every task given to the house. This is probably why she did not appreciate PapaGhost's opinion of Liema being the most talented housemate because she possesses immense talent too. From believable roles as a mom looking for her missing child to a high-energy dance performance, Mpumi has done it all well. She would make an incredible content creator and even nail every dance challenge. 

Watch Mpumi at her best with her housemates: 

PapaGhost the lifestyle influencer 

PapaGhost would make a good lifestyle influencer and storyteller. Outside of social media, he would be writing stories, producing and directing them. On social media, he would share the places and things he gets to experience, attend cool music and entertainment events, and work with luxury brands. 

Watch one of PapaGhost's writing projects: 

Sinaye the fashion fanatic 

Sinaye has been labelled the fashion god this season. It's a befitting title, as he spots cool accessories for all his fits. His love for fashion and his handsome looks would make him one of the most trusted voices in male fashion, creating amazing content with prominent fashion and retail brands. A lot of his influence, however, would come from the broadcasting work he would be doing, considering how much he has showcased his hosting and presenting talent in the house. 

Watch Sinaye in his element: 

Willy the gaming guru

Willy's inclination to win games would naturally lead him to become a prominent gaming influencer on social media. With his winning streak in the arena games combined with his funny side, Willy would entertain and inform his audience with engaging content centred around gaming. When he is not doing that, he would have a cooking blog because he always throws it in the kitchen. 

Watch one of Willy's wins: 

Zee the beauty influencer 

Watch out Mihlale Ndamase because Zee's face card never declines. Zee's passion for hair and makeup would make her a natural fit as a beauty influencer on social media. With her flawless makeup skills and a keen eye for trends, Zee would inspire and educate her audience with makeup tutorials, product reviews, and skincare routines. She would also be the ultimate plug for quality hair for the girlies. 

Watch Zee in her vlogging era: 

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