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Day 61: Friendships and cultural identity – BBMzansi

22 March 2024
The housemates' bonds are growing stronger, leading to an analysis of their in-house relationships.
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The housemates spent most of the day playing games, discussing the intricacies of relationships in Biggie's house, and partaking in a task that involved using artful expressions while discussing what makes them South African.

Makhekhe's friendhsip

Makhekhe's take on friendships

Makhekhe told McJunior and other housemates that he had an issue with inheriting the enemies of his friends because he believed that each person should be judged based on their own actions and character, rather than being associated with others. The conversation started after McJunior spoke about Makhekhe's friendship in the house.

This led to conversations around Makhekhe's "enemy" Taki. Makhekhe admitted that he was happy when Taki was evicted because he felt like there was a lot directed at him after it was rumoured that he was jealous of Neo and Taki's relationship.

What makes you South African?

Vibrant colours, diverse history, and rich cultural traditions make the housemates proudly South African, and Biggie had a fun idea about how best they could express this. The housemates were tasked with giving artful expressions about what makes them South African. They were told to express themselves via rap, singing, or spoken word.

What makes the housemates South African?

Makhekhe and Mpumi went the spoken word route, while Sinaye and Willy sang short songs to express themselves. McJunior, PapaGhost, and Zee chose to go down the rap route, using their lyrical skills to showcase their South African pride. They had so much fun presenting and took playful jabs at each other after the task was done.

Games all day

Playing games together has allowed the Top 7 to develop a strong sense of friendship and camaraderie. Today they participated in playing a game of Crazy 8 for most of the morning and went on to play a game of '"Finish the sentence" and Mafia after their task presentation.

Their laughter and banter showed just how close they have become through their shared experiences in the BBMzansi house. The Top 7 truly enjoyed each other's company and we are sure they value the bond they have formed.

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