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Day 60: Cooking up relationship perks – BBMzansi

21 March 2024
Zee admits that her alleged operations now involve the Head of House, PapaGhost. 
Podcast set

There is not a day when the top 7 are not getting to know each other. Each day they unravel layers of themselves and today they revealed more of their relationship boundaries, aspirations, and connections in the house. 

The dating perks

Makhekhe voiced a non-sexual turn on of his and that is watching his woman do the laundry while he endulges in a cold beverage, gossips about people they know. McJunior caught wind of the chat and agreed with Makhekhe's point of view. Mpumi shut them both down and clarified that some activities are considered girlfriend perks and must not be mistake with wife duties. This came after Makhekhe expressed disappointment in how Jareed navigated his sthembu, saying that he did not use his multiple women to his advantage. Mpumi set a clear boundry that she is no-one's wife and the expectation to be one must be dismissed. She came into the house alone, and has not intentions of auditioning for marriage. 

Watch Mpumi's perks:

The single girl perks

Zee has been operating and Makhekhe is on to her. Makhekhe called her out on how she has been moving, calling her a dangerous woman for her recent operations. Zee, who has been subject to Makhekhe's flirting attempts, brought up that he doesn't even try with her, perhaps a way for her to take a jab at him, imploring him to up his rizz. The conversation developed into Zee admitting that her alleged operations now involve the Head of House, PapaGhost

The two spoke about career aspirations where Zee expressed that club hosting is her forte and she won't stop unless she books a ton of gigs that she must quit the club. This is no surprise when one looks at the vibes that Zee brings to each party, and all eyes will be on her at tonight's pool party. 

Watch Zee motivate PapaGhost:

The vibing perks

Willy commended McJunior for stepping out of his shell in the house. He likened McJunior to a butterfly that has freshly cocooned, but McJunior thinks differently of himself. He set the record straigh by politely suggesting that he had always revealed himself, the tea is that he did it to people that he was fond of, and it's perhaps taking others longer to realise it. 

The presenter perks 

Biggie's top 7 received an updated brief that clarifies the podcast component of their upcoming wager presentation. The brief clarifies that the housemates must present four podcasts that features a pair of hosts. Due to their odd number, one housemate will make two appearances and that duty was trusted to Sinaye. As the their resident presenter, Sinaye naturally stepped up and showed out during their wager rehearsal. 

There are concerns about their wager preparedness given that they had only rehearsed their podcasts once. Will they be able to chair thought provoking conversations? 

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