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Day 6: Yolanda and Zee reveal their SyaMosha crush – BBMzansi

27 January 2024
Jareed and Sinaye have got Yolanda and Zee going gaga.
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The SyaMosha girls have big crushes on the guys, and they are not afraid to say it. Yolanda and Zee today spoke about their attraction to Jareed and Sinaye.

Yolanda, who is outspoken, made it clear to Jareed in the pool area that she found him attractive when he came into the house on Sunday.

She complimented his sense of style and his charming personality, leaving Jareed flattered. Meanwhile, Zee spoke in hushed tones to Mich about finding Sinaye sexy. She went on further to explain that his attitude in the house further made him a likeable personality. She, however, claims she would not date Sinaye even if she had the opportunity to. Will she stick to her word, though? Time will tell.

The two have been close for a few days, often spending a lot of time together. Even the social streets caught on to this and are pushing for a ship between the two.

Jareed, on the other hand, has been all up in Liema's face, literally. So Yolanda's remarks could just be that—a mere observation without any deeper meaning.

The ladies picking out the men they like might just be fun right now, but who knows? With all the mosha this season promises, 'never say never', should be the word on everyone's lips.

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