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Day 6: Strategies set in motion – BBMzansi

27 January 2024
It's a party night for some, but a mission night for Sinaye.
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Big Brother started the housemate's Saturday on a high note when he played music for them in the morning. Liema and Chuenzaaa continued the dance mood when the music was off, signalling the house's readiness to party. After learning of their theme (what I wanted to be when I grow up) and getting ready for the night, Sinaye and Liema spoke about ships and strategies while washing dishes. 

Liema opened up to Sinaye about her felings for Jareed, and he opened up about his "toxic" plans that he might not even action. He shared how he wants to spark some flings in the house and leave them hanging. Given his ongoing focus on his external relationship, this came as unexpected. Liema suggested Zee, Yolanda or Fahima, and he objected all three. 

Watch their conversation here: 

However, his plans were set in motion when he was spotted chatting Fahima up in the party rom, and they eventually danced together. The two were cozy in that party room, and fans are here for all of it. 

When we thought Sinaye had chosen his lady friend for the evening, he moved and danced with Zee.When Liema suggested that he starts a fling with Zee, Sinaye said he would not for YoungPappi's sake. YoungPappi's interest in Zee has been loud, and Sinaye chose to respect that. But will he manage to keep up his loyalty or play the game? 

Party time! 

Biggie gifted the housemates with different career uniforms, and we spotted pilots, a police officer, a soccer player, doctors, a beauty queen, a judge, an astronaut, a president, and and presenters amongst others. 

Pale chose the couch most of the night, but occasionally danced,  while Sammy_M, Chuenzaaa, Mich, Makhekhe, Meelay and Liema owned the dance floor. Even the beauty queen, Els, did the 'get down.' Officer McJunior also suprised fans when we was vibing on the dance floor. 

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