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Day 59: It's vent-o-clock – BBMzansi

20 March 2024
The Top 7 reflect on their first moments in the house.
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The Top 7 have seen and been through it all. They have witnessed wager wins and losses, friendship fallouts and the evictions of their confidants. This season has delivered endless twists which can be too much to handle at times. So to help them reflect and release, Big Brother invited each of them to the diary room to vent for 10 minutes each. 

Here's how it went: 


Makhekhe opened up his session by expressing his deepest gratitude for the opportunity to be in the house. He took a moment to highlight that the reality he finds himself in was once a dream, and he is thankful that he is living in it. Upon his entry to the house, Makhekhe, aka Khekheleza, was nervous to meet new people, and anticipated difficulty in adjusting to their personalities. He mentioned thechallenge he faced when he had to engage with his fellow housemates in English, a language he does not use in his day-to-day life. Makhekhe has since had a well-rounded journey in the house, and learned an insurmountable lesson on language and the treatment of women. 

Watch Makhekhe talk about his love for women: 



Lepara ale fele moya has been Willy's mantra in the house and he has lived up to it. He spoke about the mental challenges he has battled during his time in the house. He thought back to the number of days that he wished to go home, but reminded himself that he did not come here just to give up, as per his mantra. Although he may miss home tremendously, he is focused on keeping on with the journey, and he is more motivated now following his mother's visit last week. 

He too, had a culture shock when he encountered people who speak English so eloquently in the house. He has since had to adjust to making his daily language English. 

Watch Willy's reaction to seeing his mum: 


Zee revisited her entry mindset, which was to exude positivity in the house. With that said, Zee vented about the negative information that she received from her fellow housemates in the first few weeks. Although she may have been enduring a lot of 'weird' vibes, Zee did not want to focus on any drama because she felt that it would drain her energy. 

She opened up about her emotional well-being today. She told Biggie that she is emotional because the season is drawing to an end, but also because she finds herself having to manage people's egos and clashes in preparing for the wager. This comes after she had to talk HoH PapaGhost out of a rehearsal funk. 

Watch Zee addressing PapaGhost:

i dyani

The season's dyani, Sinaye, spoke about the power of vulnerability, and vulnerable he was. He opened up about a sudden insecurity he felt when he met the housemates on day one. Sinaye, who always thought he was sure of himself, suddenly started questioning himself, a phase he found to be terrifying. This truly stemmed from the efforts that some housemates used to make him feel that his kindness was a weakness. He realises now that that is not the case. He tooked a moment to insert subtle shade at the very people who made him feel weak by pointing out that they have since exited the house, and his kindness has kept him in the game longer than them. 

The season's heartthrob highlighted his biggest takeway being his development from a people pleaser to someone who does not care about the opinions of others.  

Watch Sinaye's morning affirmations:


Miss 012, Mpumi, ditched her strategy immediately when she stepped into the house and opted to be herself. In her efforts to do so, however, she found herself in a situation that she says was out of character, the love triangle with Jareed and Liema. She landed hersefl in that sticky situation when she retaliated at the nasty things that she was called by someone, who was not named, but she walked out of the throuple because she does not want karma to locate her. 

She also looked back on her iconic wagers. As a trained performer, Mpumi comes alive on the stage, and she has not dropped the ball when the spotlight is on her. 

Watch Mpumi's wager performance here:


McJunior had a tough time getting into the venting session, and rambled on about the day that was. When he did get into it, he honed in on his co-record holder and enemy, PapaGhost for winning the Head of House title back-to-back. The irony was not lost on him that the man he is least fond of is the one who has challenged his iconic record. McJunior said that he is using that fact to fuel him to be the last Head of House of the season, closing it off with three wins. 

Aside from his HoH woes and beef, McJunior looked fondly on his recent wager presentation where he rapped in front of people for the very first time. He also debuted a new walk which forms a part of the collection of walks that he practices in his spare time. These walks belong to the many personalities that he houses in his head, and if his rant and rave session is anything to go by, he sure had a good time with them. 


All hail HoH PapaGhost! The man of the house, PapaGhost (Ghustavo), closed off the venting sessions. He stepped into the diary room and started at the beginning. When his journey began, Ghustavo found a home in many people. He doesn't like negativity, so he gravitated towards spaces where positivity fosters. The Head of House claims he's not one to gloat, so bragging is not his style. He is aware of his creativity, but doesn't like shoving it in people's faces. One thing that he is proud of is his perseverance during tasks. He has had his fair share of watching others win money, but nothing is sweeter than him winning HoH during the most critical week. 

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