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Day 59: Another wager clash on the horizon? – BBMzansi

20 March 2024
Old habits die hard, and it seems like history may be repeating itself.
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PapaGhost had a little argument with Willy and Sinaye as they prepared for the coming wager presentation, and it has us wondering if we are going to witness the return of PapaGhost's early personality during the early weeks of the SyaMosha season.

The housemates were hard at work preparing for their wager when PapaGhost threw a tantrum at Willy for pushing to have a go at the camera. PapaGhost had been the one handling the camera for most of the day, and Willy wanted his turn. PapaGhost eventually allowed him to have his time with the camera, but PapaGhost had another outburst as the night went on, and this time it was with Sinaye as he cautioned Sinaye about posing with a cigarette. Makhekhe and Sinaye had been posing for some shots for the wager when Sinaye decided to hold on to a cigarette. PapaGhost explained that cigarettes are not advertised in modern media, so it was not proper for Sinaye to hold one.

PapaGhost has had one of the most unexpected character arcs this season, going from being the assertive and controversial housemate to being a jovial and supportive team player. For the first few weeks of the season, PapaGhost was considered a bully by most of his fellow housemates and often had a back-and-forth with McJunior about the direction of tasks and challenges. This tussle went on for weeks and gradually came to a halt, with the two actively working together during the week of 'Horror' to win the wager presentation for the week.

We are not sure if there will be a huge fallout amongst the housemates today or tomorrow as they prepare for the wager presentation, and we would like to see how PapaGhost manages to maintain the peace with the rest of the housemates. It will be interesting to see if PapaGhost's behaviour has truly changed or if old habits resurface under pressure.

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