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Day 57: Liema buys herself out – BBMzansi

18 March 2024
Liema leaves the Big Brother Mzansi house, and PapaGhost is now a finalist.
evicted housemate

The twist of the season is in and Liema is R250 000 richer. The season's songstress, Liema, has bowed out of the game after choosing a cheque that came at the cost of the show. 

Biggie put the whole house up for nomination, requiring all of them, excluding the Head of House, to take part in the Fate Room challenge. As usual, there were two rounds to the challenge. The first round resulted in Liema pulling a red marble in a pool of blue ones, moving her forward to the Fate Room. Once there, the second round was in effect, and she was presented with the following options: take a R250 000 cheque and exit the game, or stay in the house and take a shot at the R2 million grand prize. She was given 60 seconds to decide her fate and Liema is going home with a quarter of a million rand. 

Before the eminent twist came into effect, the housemates took part in the most important HoH game of the season. The results were guaranteed to be game-changing.

Ring the bells and sound the horns! The first finalist of the season is here and he goes by the title of Head of House. PapaGhost shot straight into the finale after winning the most important HoH challenge. His win tonight is monumental for him because it is a back-to-back victory, something that was once only held by his arch-nemesis, McJunior

Watch PapaGhost's HoH win here:

PapaGhost duelled for the title of the penultimate Head of House with Zee, whom he ultimately chose to be his roommate in the HoH room, a poetic gesture for the two clowns of the week. Although he has a lot to celebrate, PapaGhost could not help but wonder why the rest of the house was not happy for him. Zee quickly shut down his worry by reminding him that he is a finalist and that is all he must focus on. He added winning the wager to his list of items to focus on, following last week's wager loss. 

The rest of the house lost out on a shot at immunity through the HoH games and had to face the reality of nominations. Each of them stepped into the diary room to state their case and make their final selections of housemates that they would like to see booted from the Big Brother Mzansi house. Here's how they nominated: 

Housemate Nomination 1 Nomination 2
Liema Zee  Mpumi 
Makhekhe Willy  Mpumi 
McJunior  Willy  Mpumi 
Mpumi  Sinaye  Liema 
PapaGhost McJunior  Willy 
Sinaye Makhekhe  Mpumi 
Willy Liema  McJunior 
Zee Makhekhe  Liema 

As mentioned, the whole house is nominated for possible eviction, and at least one of them will have to kiss the finale goodbye at Sunday's eviction. Your votes have never been more critical. 

You can vote to save your favourite housemate on the Mzansi Magic website and mobile site by selecting Makhekhe, McJunior, MpumiSinayeWilly, or Zee and entering your number of votes. Voting via these platforms is limited to 100 votes per user.  You can also download the MyDStv app from the iStore for Apple devices or Play Store for Android devices for additional votes. Votes  are free and allocated based on your subscription packages. The voting window closes by 21:00 on Thursday (CAT). Join the conversation online using the hashtag #BBMzansi and connect with on FacebookXInstagram, and TikTok. Stay connected to DStv to watch every minute.