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Day 56: Week eight in Biggie's house – BBMzansi

17 March 2024
Here's a look at the activities that made the S'ya Mosha house tick last week.
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This week, the housemates had the chance to showcase their artistic expressions. Sadly, the faves failed to impress Biggie with their exhibition, all while battling with the loss of four housemates.

The evictions

Last Sunday, Els and Jareed took a bow from the house in an ironic move that left Liema and Mpumi in laughter. The shocking evictions continued on Monday when Lerato Modise got a rude awakening in the fate room. The wheel was not in her favour as she spun her way to an immediate eviction from the house. Yolanda, the fourth housemate to leave, was disqualified for making statements that alluded to sexual assault on a fellow housemate.

The shocking evictions left the housemates with enough conversational material for the rest of the week, as they tried to come to terms with the sudden departures and adjust to the new dynamic of the house.

Biggie's surprise guests

The family visits

Biggie surprised the housemates with their family members' visit, leaving them with a rollercoaster of emotions and a deepened longing for their families and homes. The visiting family members mostly gave words of advice to each housemate, which brought comfort and motivation to the housemates during a challenging time. It also served as a reminder of the outside world and the support they had waiting for them beyond the walls of the Big Brother house.

The wager loss

Artistic expression and wager loss

The theme for last week was 'colourful serenity', and it was aimed at the housemates expressing their creativity through art and design. Each housemate had the choice to decide their artistic expression for their individual wager task presentation. This meant that the housemates could not work together as a group to save their wager and had to pull their weight individually. Unfortunately, Biggie was not happy with the level of presentation made by the housemates and announced that they had lost the wager.

Last week marked an intense rollercoaster for the house, and their wager loss was a kicker as they had put a lot of effort into their artistic expressions. We hope to see more wins from Biggie's kids this week.