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Day 56: A Biggie-Chella post-party update – BBMzansi

17 March 2024
Clarity is clear to see.
two people looking at each other

In true Saturday night party style, housemates cooked a late meal and gathered around for some interesting post-party conversations. Here's a recap of some of them.  

Xhosa clicks 

An angry Liema expressed her food frustration to Sinaye in isiXhosa, leaving Willy to only hear clicks. The trio briefly discussed Willy's comprehension of the language, but for Liema and Sinaye, it morphed into a longing to communicate in their mother tongue, where they felt their true selves could emerge.

A little red number and a swear jar

It seems a swear jar might be a good addition to the house, especially after PapaGhost advised Liema to curb her use of the f-word. Liema objected immediately, pointing out that she wasn't the only housemate who used it frequently. She even suggested that PapaGhost himself had a foul mouth. All this occurred as she relaxed in the kitchen wearing the red outfit she had on underneath her party dress. As she made her way to the kitchen in that red number, PapaGhost asked if she was comfortable, as they were all wearing comfortable clothes. Perhaps that was her definition of comfort.

Watch Mpumi's red number: 

Another man

After sharing a couple of passionate kisses, Young Pappi and Zee engaged in a cryptic conversation about a new guy in Zee's life. Zee assured him that she didn't have a boyfriend in the house "like that". Her reassurance came in response to Young Pappi's request for clarity. She later tried to explain, emphasising that clarity is clear to see. She cautioned Young Pappi against delusions and advised him to focus, especially at this stage of the competition.

Makhekhe the food critic

Liema's food frustrations persisted as Makhekhe shared his opinion that Liema couldn't cook. Her frustration stemmed from the misconception that today's mac and cheese was cooked by McJunior when all he did was prepare the macaronni Adding to her frustration was Makhekhe's remark that the mac and cheese wasn't good, leading him to abstain from eating it. Liema reminded him that she had only cooked twice in the house, and even her first meal wasn't satisfactory. Their conversation was cut short as Makhekhe accused Liema of not listening.

Watch lastnight's party: 

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