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Day 55: Biggie's thick plots and twists – BBMzansi

16 March 2024
It is only right that a season that has dedicated itself to disruption lives up to its purpose.
plot twist

S'ya Mosha is the name of the game and this season, Big Brother has not dropped the ball when it comes to twists. Just when the housemates relax from the previous shocker, Biggie throws another twist that has the house shaking. From fake housemates to surprise evictions, here's a look at the plot twists that had our jaws dropping throughout this season: 


It is only right that a season that has dedicated itself to disruption lives up to its purpose, and Biggie did that from launch by introducing disruptors. Taking the form of fake housemates, Big Brother assigned not one, not two, but three housemates to be his undercover agents and shake things up according to his orders. Fahima, Neo and Taki were entrusted with this top-secret task for three weeks before Big Brother brought about a plot twist that would side-line his agents: rate the disruptors.

This was a mechanism that called on the fans of the show to rate their fave disruptor for the opportunity to bump them up to a real housemate and be in the running for the grand prize, and send the other two home. At the end of that week, Fahima and Neo were sent home, while Taki was left to process Biggie's twist, not knowing that he was, in effect, a real housemate. 

Secret cabin

What was meant to be an eviction turned out to be a reset for love birds, Lerato Modise and PapaGhost (LeGhost). In what was the biggest twist of the season at the time, LeGhost both exited the house in a Bonnie and Clyde-eque eviction, leaving Biggie's house smiling and holding hands. The pair later learned that they were put in Big Brother's secret cabin for a few days with the opportunity to watch their fellow housemates. The couple used their honeymoon to strengthen their bond and restrategise, plotting on how they would shake things up in the house. Their return was met with mixed reations. Big Brother delivered them in the form of a surprise gift, one which was not appreciated by the house, with some housemates calling Biggie's surprise the worst they had every received in their lives. 

Watch Lerato Modise and PapaGhost in the secret cabin:

HoH fast forward 

Another twist that features Head of House PapaGhost was the HoH fast forward challenge. This event was another case of escaping possible eviction for PapaGhost, but as luck would have it, it was a none eviction week. The twist came with a reward when Big Brother afforded the housemates an opportunity to take a shot at the Head of House title by taking part in an endurance challenge that would fast forward a player to the final round of the following day's HoH games.

Here's how it went down: 

Face-to-face nominations 

Nominations in the house have been a sensitive part of the game, with Big Brother swearing the housemates to secrecy about their choices. That secrecy, however, was compromised when Big Brother took away the walls of confidentiality when he introduced face-to-face nominations. This meant that the housemates had to wear their brave faces and place two housemates up for possible eviction and state their reasons. Things quickly turned personal and a line was drawn. This was a clear reset of the game for the housemates and their relationships. 

Watch the face-to-face nominations:

Fate Room

The save-and-replace mechanism, which was a safety net for housemates who had alliances, was eradicated from the game when Big Brother introduced the Fate Room. Here's how it works, the nominated housemates each get a shot at a lucky dip box. Here they must draw a marble, and the housemate who draws a red marble moves to the Fate Room where they will spin the wheel of fate. The wheel has options that decide the fate of the respective housemate. The options thus far have been immunity or nominations for Willy whose fate landed on immunity. Lerato Modise was not so lucky this time as her fate landed on eviction as opposed to finale, an option that would have fast tracked her into the final week of the house. 

Watch Lerato Modise in the fate room:

HoH PapaGhost has gone off to survive the house without his other half, but the housemates made up for it today, and so did Biggie. He was surprised with a birthday cake with a ghost emoji for his namesake.

The housemates celebrated with chilled vibes by the water, playing volley ball in the pool before moving over to the jacuzzi to toast to this week's Head of House turning a year older. The vibes are not over for him, however. There's more birthday groove to come at tonight's Saturday Night Party.

PapaGhost, Big Brother wishes you a happy birthday. 

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