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Day 54: McJunior's dilemma with Liema – BBMzansi

15 March 2024
Whose eye is wandering now?
Room mates in the bedroom

Today, Liema woke up from a dream in which she was sharing a bed with McJunior. She excitedly shared her dream with him, only to find out that he had the same idea. Thinking they were on the same page, Liema tried to make her dream a reality, but she was stopped by the bunk bed stairs. Mpumi also tried to get close to McJunior while he was in bed, but she faced the same obstacle. 

Over the past few days, Mpumi and McJunior have been having more conversations, seeming to get to know each other better. Mpumi even got a pancake recipe from him, although he thought the pancakes weren't that great.

Mpumi suspected something was going on between Liema and McJunior, noticing the way they looked at each other. However, McJunior denied it, mentioning that Liema had said she couldn't wait to see Jareed. Mpumi thought Liema was just testing McJunior's boundaries. When Mpumi suggested McJunior make more effort with Liema, he joked that he didn't want to "pull up his socks", but rather take them off.

Watch Mpumi's suspicions: 

Yesterday, Liema and Sinaye pretended to get married, and when McJunior was asked to officiate, he declined, expressing his interest in Liema.

This morning, McJunior decided to distance himself from Liema due to things she had been saying about him to other housemates. It turns out Liema had been telling others that she was shining a spotlight on McJunior, though she claimed she was just joking. McJunior didn't find it funny.

Watch Liema talk about McJunior: 

It's quite a shift from their previous intimate moment when McJunior carried Liema away from others with wooden stairs. Will McJunior manage to keep his distance, or will he give in to the pressure from Liema?

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