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Day 52: A future to imagine – BBMzansi

13 March 2024
PapaGhost's rule has brought a high level of focus to the house, but will it result in a wager win? 
Couple having an intimate conversation

The R2million cheque has anyone's name on it, and that uncertainty is something that has been boggling Young Pappi's mind. He told Zee that has hopes of winning the money because he has a lot of plans for it, but he is aware that there are other people standing in his way so there is a possibility that the dream may slip from him.

In the unfortunate event that losing becomes his reality, Young Pappi plans to travel and grind not just for him, but for Zee as well. The revelation of his plans put out question marks about their "friendship," and his intentions with the girlfriend that is waiting for him on the outside. 

Young Pappi did not do much to ease Zee's mind about his intentions. All he bothered to say was that he will keep "them" guessing, as Biggie advised him, saying that his true intentions are a secret for him and Biggie. The mystery is something that Zee will have to deal with for the next 18 days. Given that Zee is no fan of Young Pappi's habit of dodging meaningful chats, it will be interesting to see if this mystery will keep her interested for long, or further prove why she could never date him. 

Watch why Zee would not date Young Pappi: 

The top 10 spent their evening cleaning up their vibes and turning up with Handy Andy. The housemates received a task that challenged them to make cleaning fun, and they did what they know best, dancing the night away. They were tasked with choreographing unique dance moves for a Handy Tok challenge while incorporating dancing in their choreography. 

The housemates divided themselves as follows: 

Team Clean Team Fresh Team Hygiene
Makhekhe Mpumi  Liema
McJunior  PapaGhost Willy
Young Pappi Sinaye Yolanda

Team Hygiene won the challenge with a total score of 14/20, bagging R4200 to be divided evenly among the three of them. 

Liema took her aunt's advice and got straight to singing after winning the challenge, rehearsing to an audience of PapaGhost. Willy, on the other hand, took time out from the wager preps and analysed the game in the house. Willy told Sinaye that he commends McJunior for playing a game with no strategy but pure authenticity. He highlighted McJunior's ability to put his differences with people aside during tasks, but quickly go back to being real thereafter. Although life in Biggie's house requires one to adapt to living with strangers, Willy sees if for just that, life with strangers, stating that there is no need to qualify people as friends after having one fire conversation. 

Satues, spoken word, and song have populated Biggie's house tonight. PapaGhost's rule has brought a high level of focus to the house, but will it result in a wager win? 

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