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Day 51: Engulfed by anxiety and excitement! – BBMzansi

12 March 2024
Housemates have a mix of emotions as they balance the happiness of seeing their family and winning their 100 per cent wager.
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PapaGhost told Zee that he misses Lerato Modise and finds it difficult to be in the house without her. The housemates also received the materials for their wager presentation after an emotional evening of visits from their family members and a Captain Morgan spathlo aka kota contest.

This evening, Makhekhe, Yolanda and Zee made the round-up of housemates who got a visit from their family members today. Makhekhe got a visit from his niece, who advised him not to lose his temper and focus while letting him know his family misses him. An emotionally charged Yolanda couldn't help but break the freeze protocol and  run towards her mother, falling to her knees and bowing in respect, when she made her brief appearance in traditional Tshivenda song. She and Zee, who also received her mother, cried as they listened to their words of advice.

The surprise visit

Makhehke equally experienced an exciting moment after his team, Team Delicious, won the Captain Morgan challenge by successfully making the best kota and having the best bet points across the other rounds of the challenge.

Team Delicious wins Captain Morgan challenge

Wager preparations

Meanwhile, the Top 10 received their wager materials and went straight to business. Canvasses, paint, musical instruments and other supplies filled the living room for the much anticipated Art showcase billed for Thursday evening. With a 100 per cent at stake this week and one-man down after Lerato Modise's unprecedented exit from the show, the pressure is on to deliver a winning presentation.

The pressure of the wager and the eviction must have hit PapaGhost quite hard because he spoke to Zee about missing Lerato Modise and his mom because she hasn't been well. PapaGhost's emotional vulnerability was evident as he opened up to Zee about his feelings of missing his loved ones.

A peculiar calm has come over the house this evening, and we are sure it's going to be another burst of emotions tomorrow as housemates prepare for their wager while they welcome more family members into the house.

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