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Day 51: The game is about blame – BBMzansi

12 March 2024
Rumour has it that no one wants to take the blame.
Collage of black people

Emotions were high last night after Lerato Modise's shocking eviction and she seems to have left a legacy of drama. In the final hours of her stay in the house, Lerato Modise was one of the housemates at the forefront of spreading rumours about Mpumi's apparent body odour. Among those spreading the news are HoH PapaGhost and Yolanda

The rumour game switched up when PapaGhost shared Yolanda's gossip with Mpumi, imploring her to be wary of Yolanda who is poisoning her reputation in the house. Once the eviction shock wave made its way through the house, Mpumi and Yolanda had a heated exchange about Mpumi's situation. Mpumi expressed her disappointment in Yolanda for not calling her to the side, as a fellow woman, and telling her about her body odour directly. Yolanda made a quick attempt at shutting that narrative down and revealed that the matter had been spread by PapaGhost. Yolanda then let Mpumi in on her reservation to confront her directly because she is aware that her tone may be misunderstood. It is this awareness, Yolanda claims, that sent her to Lerato Modise, who she thought would handle the matter with sensitivity. 

The confrontation ended in tears for Mpumi who opened up about battling issues with her body, including the odour, which resulted in her being an isolated and lonely teen because her peers distanced themselves from her. PapaGhost tried to recuse himself of the drama by telling Mpumi not to pay mind to Yolanda's refusal to take accountability for her actions and playing a blame game instead. 

PapaGhost's view was that Yolanda was trying to isolate him from the housemates, and the Mpumi confrontation just provided a platform for Yolanda to carry out her plan. Meanwhile, Willy was in the kitchen cooking up a late dinner as the trio navigated their emotions. He went on to serve the drama to Liema and Sinaye, saying that a drunk Yolanda is pure entertainment to him. 

Makhekhe, whom Yolanda called a traitor, calmly sat in the kitchen and spoke about his appreciation for positive vibes and peace. And just like a perfectly timed foreshadowing, the house settled and the S'ya Mosha housemates turned their gazes to their wager preparations, allowing painting to soothe their moods. 

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