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Day 5: Kisses and pageantry rule the Thursday pool party – BBMzansi

26 January 2024
After a crushing wager defeat, housemates unwind with a cosy pool party.
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Jareed and Liema were all up in each other's faces after a stressful wager presentation. This, along with other housemate shenanigans and gossip, happened during the Thursday Pool Party.

Coming off the heels of a disastrous wager presentation outing, the housemates moved into the pool area to unwind from all the stress of the day. While the party was popping, there were a couple of conversations happening between the housemates, ranging from their relationship with other housemates to the just-concluded wager presentation.

Pale, Zee, Sinaye, and Taki had conversations surrounding men as Pale and Zee spoke about their preferences in men while McJunior spoke about the wager presentation and how they had to do better for next week. Housemates also had the opportunity to strut in their swimwear with a chance to be crowned the Lottostar Fashionista, a title that Pale won with the unanimous decision of her fellow housemates.

The night also featured some cool moments for shippers, as Jareed and Liema had a kiss session in the dressing room while their fellow housemates partied outside. In conclusion, the housemates had fun and enjoyed their time by the pool, but is this the beginning of tough times to come seeing as they lost the wager? Time will tell.

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