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Day 49: Snakes and kisses in the week that was – BBMzansi

10 March 2024
The nominated housemates lived every day of this week like it’s their last, and that is true for at least one of them.
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Thirteen remain, eight are nominated, and at least one will be evicted by the end of tonight’s Live Eviction show. 

The nominated housemates lived every day of this week like it’s their last, and that is true for at least one of them. Nominations have the ability to bring the best (sometimes the worst) from Biggie’s housemates and this week’s round of possible evictees gave everything they needed to give. 

A slithery kiss to seal and shake ships

The Saturday Night Party was the host of questionable vibes and wagging tongues last night. Els was in the mood to have a good time and Jareed was the selected partner in crime. The two smooched the night away, sending Liema into a confrontational frenzy. Jareed could not have been bothered by Liema’s antics this week because getting back at her was a clear intention of his. After the party, Jareed reminded Liema that he warned her not to move funny, referring to her kiss with Young Pappi, and told her that he is not the one to be messed with. 

Liema also had a few words of her own to share, but with Els. She spoke to her woman to woman, and told her that Jareed is ingenuine, using her (Els) to solicit a reaction out of her. 

What are they doing vele? 

McJunior provided a shoulder for Liema's comfort last night when the two of them cosied up in the dressing room after her fall out with Jareed. McJunior commented on their cat and mouse race throughout the season, and asked "what were we doing," before being caressed by Liema, the way his girlfriend does 👀. McJunior's curiosity towards Liema has grown throughout the week, and has seen him seek counsel from Sinaye who predicted that their friendship may soon cross over to blurred territories. 

Watch Liema and McJunior flirting: 

Good cop, bad cop

Before McJunior made a move on Liema, he was a dodgy detective with Makhekhe during the wager presentation. The pair put on an iconic performance as detectives Jackson and Shoes respectively. McJunior portrayed a detective who was set out to solve a crime, that was later revealed to have been commited by him. Makhekhe played his unsuspecting partner who reluctantly went on the mission to solve the crime, The duo's performances were filled with perfectly timed comedic breaks to the thrilling wager presentation, resulting in them receiving a shout out from Biggie. 

Makhekhe's week had an unexpected low when he had a dispute with PapaGhost over carrots. Makhekhe was bothered by PapaGhost's tone in addressing him during the weekly grocery shopping. As one of the chefs in the house, Makhekhe felt he knew better what the kitchen lacks, and PapaGhost's dismissal makes him an accessory to the disrespect Makhekhe endures in the house. 

Watch Makhekhe and PapaGhost's argument: 

Not a fighter but a lover

Lerato Modise was caught in the middle of the Makhekhe and PapaGhost saga and had to play mediator by providing an ear to both parties. She has proven herself a lover at heart this week, and that started when PapaGhost tried to call it quits on her, and she advocated for him to persevere through the dip in the relationship. 

One strike, two strikes. 

Yolanda has had an eventful week in Biggie's house, and she experienced the full spectrum of emotions. Some emotions she battled to manage, leading her to receiving a strike for her provocation and bullying with Liema. Liema too scored herself a strike for retaliating with equal provocation and bullying over the altercation that started over cooking. 

You've been punked

If she was not navigating her way through a strike and a fallout with Liema, Yolanda was the subject of Sinaye and PapaGhost's pranks. Biggie brought in fake snakes to highten the face your fears theme for the week and Sinaye took that to the next level, pranking every unsuspecting housemate any and every chance he got. 

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