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Day 48: Mixed reactions trail Biggie's party announcement – BBMzansi

09 March 2024
McJunior and Yolanda have differing opinions about the Saturday night party while tomorrow's eviction looms over the housemates.
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Yolanda, who is currently serving Biggie's punishment, screamed throughout the house this evening and was eventually happy to get a break to attend the Saturday night party. McJunior, on the other hand, feels that the punished housemates should complete their tasks instead of attending the party.

This evening, Yolanda was up in arms vocally as she sang loudly while serving the punishment assigned to her, Makhekhe, McJunior, Lerato Modise, and PapaGhost. No complaint was made to her directly, aside from Makhekhe, who tried to caution her but failed.

Lerato Modise and PapaGhost, who have had confrontations with Yolanda in the past few days, were not happy with the noise and spoke about it between themselves. Lerato Modise told her beau that whoever first wrote the saying "empty barrels make the loudest noise" had Yolanda in mind. 

McJunior was stressed about not finding a faster way to complete the separation of the grains and lentils provided by Biggie. He and Sinaye considered several options to make the separation faster but concluded that they wouldn't work.

Eviction jitters

This evening, Els spoke about missing Meelay, to which Sinaye responded that she would see her in a few days. Els looked puzzled, thinking he was talking about tomorrow's eviction, but he made it clear that he was speaking about the finale.

This led to both of them admitting that they are not ready to leave the house. They spoke about the sudden peace they are feeling and how they are now settled into the vibe of the house. Els told Sinaye that at the early stage of the season, she was pressured to mimic other housemates because she did not want to be boring, but it all ended last week, and a sudden sense of calm has taken over. Sinaye agreed, mentioning that he also feels the same way and is now more comfortable being in the house.

Saturday night party 

Biggie announced to the house that he would provide outfits for the housemates this evening for the Saturday night party, and they would be fitting and chic with a touch of horror.

Biggie's announcement ended with him permitting the punished housemates to also participate in the Saturday night party. This news was met with mixed reactions from the punished housemates. While Lerato Modise and Yolanda were happy about the news, McJunior told Mpumi it was not ideal for them to attend the party. He thinks they should use the time to wrap up their punishment and not attend the party.

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