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Day 43: Yolanda and McJunior struggle to cope with recent evictions – BBMzansi

04 March 2024
Meelay sparks a reconciliation between Liema and Mpumi while McJunior and Yolanda adjust to the eviction of their friends.
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Following last night's eviction of four housemates, Liema and Mpumi decided to squash their beef while Lerato Modise and Yolanda decided to open old wounds to keep their beef alive. McJunior, however, has decided to keep himself isolated from everyone else.

Last night, Meelay, who was evicted from the house, sent a dagger to Jareed and explained that she wanted him to be busy and not disturb her girls, Els. Liema, and Mpumi. This action stirred up a conversation between Liema and Mpumi, as they both agreed they were giving Jareed too much power over them. "We are giving him so much power, and he doesn't deserve it," Mpumi said in the conversation. To round off their conversation, Mpumi apologised to Liema, saying, "I apologise if there were points where it made you feel uncomfortable."

Liema and Mpumi find peace

In another conversation with Lerato Modise, Mpumi insisted that she was done with Jareed because she came into the house with her own goals and was not going to be derailed in pursuit of them. "Don't be given a crown at the expense of my name," she said in that conversation as she explained further to Lerato Modise why she was pulling herself out of the throuple.


Yolanda loses her friends

Yolanda was in tears after last night's eviction as she lamented the exit of her friends Chuenzaaa and Mich. She spoke to herself while sobbing on her bed. This moment didn't last too long, as Lerato Modise's chat with her left her riled and angry. Lerato Modise had told her to put her best foot forward, seeing as the friends who encouraged her loud nature have been evicted. Yolanda took it that Lerato Modise was claiming that she had no game outside being loud with her friends, and this did not sit well with her.

Yolanda made it clear with a sharp tone that she was not friends with Chuenzaaa and Mich just for the game and did not need to change anything about herself just because her friends were out of the house. Makhekhe, who was in the area, advised Yolanda to be calm and promised her a cuddle at night, which made Yolanda happy. Makhekhe had another session of advice for Yolanda, this time alongside PapaGhost, where they told her not to let anyone take her joy away.

McJunior also seemed lost after the eviction, as he lost his friend Taki to Biggie's big axe. He spoke with Sinaye about not getting too excited about evading eviction this week and eventually spent the rest of the night alone. Will he make any new friends in the house? Taki seemed to be one of the few people who was able to pierce through McJunior's tough exterior and connect with him on a deeper level. It remains to be seen if anyone else will be able to fill that void in McJunior's life now that Taki is gone.

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