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Day 43: Mpumi runs the house – BBMzansi

04 March 2024
 Els, Jareed, Lerato Modise, Liema, Makhekhe, McJunior, Sinaye, and Yolanda have been nominated for possible eviction.
a group of black people

Mpumi has upped the game for the girls in the house, and the boys have fallen in line as she won this week's Head of House title. Zee was a close second, as the ladies progressed to the final round of the games, a position McJunior did not let pass without a fight. 

The housemates participated in four games that ushered in the week of facing fears. The games tested what lengths the housemates would go to to fight for their shot at immunity with games that tested their courage. They did not just have to conquer eggs, a slimy worm jar, icy water, and live crickets, but their fears, and it was Mpumi's bravery that landed her the coveted title and immediate immunity. When given the opportunity to choose her HoH room companion, Mpumi pondered a solo experience but decided to extend the invitation to her former sister-wife, Liema

The HoH games were succeeded by the Live Nominations show. 

Housemate Nomination 1 Nomination 2
Els  Makhekhe McJunior 
Jareed  Yolanda  Makhekhe
Lerato Modise Zee  Sinaye
Liema Willy  Els
Makhekhe Sinaye  Jareed 
McJunior Makhekhe  Willy
Mpumi  Jareed Lerato Modise
PapaGhost  McJunior  Willy
Sinaye  Lerato Modise  PapaGhost 
Willy  Yolanda  Lerato Modise 
Yolanda  Willy  Jareed 
Young Pappi  Liema  Els
Zee Jareed  Liema 

The initial nominations were tallied as follows: Els, Jareed, Lerato Modise, Liema, Makhekhe, McJunior, SinayeWilly, and Yolanda. Big Brother revoked the save-and-replace mechanism and, instead, implemented the Fate Room. The housemates were given a chance to play two games that could change the fate of the nominated housemates. The first round required the housemates to pick a red marble out of a Lucky Dip Box filled with blue marbles. The housemate to pick the red marble would move through to the second round, and take part in the Fate Room. Willy's stars aligned for him as he picked the red marble, propelling him to the final round of the game. 

Willy was then ushered to the Fate Room where he spun a wheel that won him immunity from evictions, removing him from the list of nominated housemates. The final list is as follows: Els, Jareed, Lerato Modise, Liema, Makhekhe, McJunior, Sinaye, and Yolanda. 

You can vote to save your favourite housemate on the Mzansi Magic website and mobile site by selecting Els, Jareed, Lerato Modise, Liema, Makhekhe, McJunior, Sinaye, or Yolanda and entering your number of votes. Voting via these platforms is limited to 100 votes per user.  You can also download the MyDStv app from the iStore for Apple devices or Play Store for Android devices for additional votes. Votes  are free and allocated based on your subscription packages. The voting window closes by 21:00 on Thursday. (CAT) Join the conversation online using the hashtag #BBMzansi and connect with on Facebook, X, Instagram, and TikTok. Stay connected to DStv to watch every minute.