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Day 43: All-in for facing their worst fears – BBMzansi

04 March 2024
Snakes and spiders are crawling out of their holes into the house.
A guy in Biggie's diary room

It's going to be a scary week in the Big Brother Mzansi house, but the housemates aren't afraid of possibly losing. Most of them have agreed to stake everything, a 30 per cent increase from their last wager. They won last week's wager and are hoping for another victory. The last thing they want is to lose a wager and have another morning like today where they ate spaghetti bolognaise for breakfast. 

A dagger's impact

The daggers thrown last night by the evicted housemates landed on their sharpest edge this morning on Jareed, Makhekhe, Sinaye and Willy. Rather than bloodshed, there is laughter everywhere. 

Watch last night's eviction: 

Jareed has to wear a maid's uniform, clean and wash dishes, potentially a nightmare coming true for him. Willy has to wear a cardboard box and a traffic cone on his head. Sinaye will make animal sounds before he speaks and Makhekhe is only allowed to sing instead of talk. The housemates will need to perform these for two whole days or until Big Brother says so, which ever comes first.

Knowledge conquers fear 

To kick it off Biggie brought in Julian and Eckhard to teach the housemates about animals that people are afraid of. Platti, the non-venomous python, slithered out first. Then Jareed, Liema, and Sinaye eagerly awaited their turn to touch the Brazilian rainbow boa. More snakes followed as Julian and Ekhart educated the housemates and answered their questions. Rosey the tarantula was also showcased, but touching her was off-limits.

A scary movie 

For this week's wager task, housemates need to produce a horror film which will be performed live. The roles that need to be assigned include a director, producer and behind-the-scenes crew. The film should incorporate all the things that keep them up at night so we will get to learn of their fears.

The housemates are currently meeting to decide what the film should be about. There has not been an agreement about whether or not it should use international or local scary elements such as witchcraft. 

Are more snakes and spiders popping up this week, and will the housemates reach consensus on what horror will win them their 100 per cent? 

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