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Day 41: Khosi returns to Biggie's house alongside Phila Madlingozi – BBMzansi

02 March 2024
She promises to send all the girls some fresh wigs.
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It's a nostalgic moment for BBTitans winner Khosi, who visited her old home with singer and podcaster Phila Madlingozi.

Big Brother Titans winner Khosi and singer Phila Madlingozi were guests of the S'ya Mosha house today. They had lunch with the housemates, spoke with them about life in the house, their skills, and ended the visit with a game of truth or dare.

The preparation

Following Biggie's announcement yesterday about guests coming into the house, the housemates woke up this morning to put things together for their arrival. Lerato Modise started the cooking process while other housemates were asleep and was later joined by Makhekhe, McJunior, Mpumi, PapaGhost, and Taki. Els, Young Pappi, and Zee ensured the dining table was properly set.

Arrival of the guests

Khosi and Phila made their way into the house, much to the excitement of the housemates, who immediately took them on a tour of the house while exchanging pleasantries. Khosi couldn't help expressing her admiration for the decor and layout as well as do a comparison to her own season.

While all this happened, a cheeky Yolanda asked Khosi about her BBTitans partner, Miracle OP.😆 "We are not supposed to be talking about other people," Khosi responded in laughter.🤭 Yolanda also spilt the tea about who was kissing who in the house while the tour was happening.

Bonding over food

Not long after, Khosi and Phila spoke to the housemates about being in the moment, encouraging them not to get into the victim mentality. Khosi explained this further when they all sat around the dining table, saying a meeting with Biggie helped her understand that everything in the house is a game and nothing should be taken to heart. While having lunch, the housemates all spoke about their skills and talents.

Khosi and Phila visit the house

One of the things that stood out during lunch was Liema telling the house that she was on the same season of Idols South Africa with Phila, but she didn't make it to the live shows as he did. The housemates also had a little debate about the importance of skills over education. The consensus was that both are important for having a balanced life.

"You will be as good as your weakest link," Khosi emphasised this further as she advised the housemates about the importance of working together as a team throughout the season. Phila also spoke about housemates embodying their unique talent and narrated how he carved a niche following his stint on South African Idols.

Lerato Modise after speaking about her skills, requested a wig from Khosi, as she always has good hair. Khosi agreed and promised a wig to every other lady who was interested as well as Chuenzaaa.

Biggie's guests concluded their visit with a game of truth or dare in the garden, in which all of the housemates participated. McJunior and Mpumi, on the other hand, appeared perplexed by all that was going on, and this was no accident for McJunior. He told Taki yesterday that he would not smile with the guests if they were from BBTitans because he doesn't know them.

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